The Eye of Nefertiti-A Pharaoh’s Cat Novel-Review

The Eye of Nefertiti-A Pharaoh’s Cat Novel by Maria Luisa Lang Genre: Currently #1791 in Books, Literature & Fiction, Genre Fiction, Historical, Fantasy Publisher: Maria Luisa Lang Publication Date: November 2016 Submitted by author for review The Eye of Nefertiti – Cover could be darker WOW! Where do I begin with “The Eye of Nefertiti-A … Continue reading “The Eye of Nefertiti-A Pharaoh’s Cat Novel-Review”

Cat Fanciers Get the Spotlight

Okay, I’ll admit it… I’m more a dog person than cat. (Not that I haven’t had a cat in residence before, and if you own one, you know that she/he is not your pet–you are hers/his.)

10 Amazing Sub-Genre’s in Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction as a literary genre is generously broad and notoriously ambiguous in that the beginning of man can be included in the same spectrum of writing as our own recent Wild West. It was bound to happen then that sooner or later sub-genres would be broken out. What is Historical? In that it depicts … Continue reading “10 Amazing Sub-Genre’s in Historical Fiction”