Freaky Friday Features

I’m a list person.

And a scheduler.

Sometimes I keep a list within a list (i.e., grocery list on my daily list). Perhaps the list and the schedule go hand in hand. I keep a list to remember what I’m supposed to do that day. Ergo, the schedule. That creates the time frame for the list. Before I retired, it was a great deal more detailed. I won’t say the list was down to the minute–more like the quarter hour. Things are a little more relaxed now, though I still run through the mental list in the morning so I can set the pace for the day.

I suspect it is easier to keep that modus operandi if you are single. Living with a spouse or partner involves their schedules or lack thereof. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t have one. He is now retired–again–and doesn’t feel any urgency in keeping any kind of plan–daily or weekly. So it is when he came home last week and turned our world upside down that I find the first casualty in my previously ordered world is now my writing schedule; blog posts and copywriting.

We are now on an extended fact-finding trip searching for possible employment and housing opportunities associated with the locations of our son and daughter. (Heaven knows we are not getting any younger.) I hope that the earth will slow the spinning a bit for me in the near future, but for now, this is my contribution for the Freaky Friday Feature. 2016 ©Virginia Williams Resource Box


Friday is Fun Day

Freaky Friday Features

Probably like myself, you tend to slack back on Friday–it’s the end of the week. You may have dress down day; finish those nagging projects that took all week. Did you finish your chapter, edit your book, or create the outline of a new one? Now you can sit back, ruminate on the work week and look for a little relaxation.  This is the time to wind down. The weekend will likely present non-stop activity, and too soon, Monday starts the whole thing over again. It’s happy-hour time. Friday is Fun Day!

Artists who do amazing caricatures just blow me away with their renditions of our well-known personalities. It’s not just a matter of capturing the one outstanding feature that defines the person–it’s the ability to capture the character behind the face. It is the very essence of the celebrity–like a book cover that describes the book–words become unnecessary. From writers to musicians, politicians to television personalities, there is no one safe from the pins and brushes of those prolific artists. These caricatures amuse, stimulate, and conjure stories and ideas.

I just love this particular caricature of Stephen King, but there are a number of interpretations of him out there. Also posted on my “Outrageous Pins” board is Agatha Cristie, Donald Trump, and Barbara Walters. Check them out. Then sit back and relax. 2016 ©Virginia Williams Resource Box