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All in all, “Sole Survivor” is a fascinating compilation of a highly uncommon man’s life – an amalgam of insight, adventure, love, courage, and intellect…Michael Reisig, author of the acclaimed “Caribbean Gold” series including “The Treasure of Tortuga” and “The Treasure of Time” and numerous additional adventure thrillers in his “Road To Key West” series

All Stanley McShane titles can be purchased in print form through Amazon.com as well as ebook in Kindle format. (“Busters of Bitter River” is only available in ebook format.) For formats other than Kindle, please contact stanleymcshane@yahoo.com. “Busters” is priced at $.99. All remaining ebook titles are $2.99 each.

Samples are available through both Amazon and Kindle. Buy a print book @ $10.00 direct from me and I’ll pay the postage (US only, please).

Cocos Island Treasure

Sons of the Sea

Lucky Joe

Hot Air Promotions

Busters of Bitter River

Sole Survivor

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