Submission Guidelines for Review

Stanley McShane
Grandpa Rose in the High Sierra’s of California

Hello Authors!

I published my grandfather’s 90 year old manuscripts and have since initiated a comprehensive social media presence as well as a blog to promote and market his books. It’s as difficult for me as you and I understand and appreciate your pain!

I read…a lot! If you submit a book for my consideration, I will assume you are the author. If you are not, please let me know (i.e., editor, publicist).

Using the guidelines listed below, please submit the inquiry introducing yourself and include the desired information noted. I usually respond within a week. (If I cannot do the review, you’ll have notice within that same time frame.)  My format preference is listed below. Please, do not send me your book unless I’ve agreed to accept.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Please note the following genres. These are my favorites (in no special order):


Mystery…Thriller…Suspense…Crime…Police Procedurals…Psychological Thrillers…

Historical Fiction…Literary Fiction…Biography…Paranormal…Spy-Espionage…

Humorous…Adventure…Contemporary Fiction

Have been known to read:


Normally will not read:


Don’t Even Ask:


If you don’t see your genre listed here, just email me and ask.

  1. Format preferences (I must have a digital copy since I use my cell device to read and have no space to store print books):

    Most preferred: Kindle Gift Book

Can do: Mobi

(No PDFs, please!)

  1. Include in your inquiry the (a) title, (b) genre (find yours in one of the lists above), (c) the number of pages, (d) your publish date, (e) link to your cover/book (or your website), as well as a (f) short description of the book.
  2. Submission of your book conveys your permission to use the cover for illustrative purposes and your photo and author information from Amazon.
  3. Please email the above information to Stanley was my grandfather’s pen name. My Amazon reviews are posted under V. Williams. I am Virginia.

Five Stars of Five Rating

The review is my opinion. I base my opinion on a number of criteria. (Please see the Twelve Points post.) I post the review on Amazon, Goodreads, and this blog, and those posts will additionally link to my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. If you need additional posts, such as Barnes & Noble and Kobo, please include that information. If you do not wish to have my review posted publicly, please let me know. (If you do not specify, I will assume I am free to post publicly.) I use a five star system roughly based on both Amazon and Goodreads criteria. (Their star systems do not match, and I may use a compromise between the two for the blog.) I generally do not post an opinion less than three stars because someone else might love it. (In the case where I feel I cannot post three stars or above, I will notify you privately and directly. If I have started the book but discover there are too many problems, I will contact you directly and the feedback will be relayed privately.

I’m looking forward to your submissions! © Updated January 2018 Virginia Williams