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I’ve mentioned before my love of reading, including historical fiction, but then I enjoy most books except porn and vampire–or are those pretty much the same genre these days–not sure. I’m also one who enjoys taking an occasional class, customarily at my local community college where generally the fees are quite reasonable and the courses widely varied and JUST what I’m looking for in an effort to further whatever interest is being pursued at that moment. I usually do quite well in them–except for that JavaScript class previously noted in which my grade of B (not A) was deserved. I struggled with that one! If they awarded  graduate-hat2“Miscellaneous Degrees,” I’d have won one long ago, taking everything from real estate classes to computer and graphics classes, though it’s become obvious I need to update my graphics programs which would necessitate new classes. It’s a never-ending cycle, this life-long education.

So it was determined recently I needed a few more classes–this time in Content Management, SEO, and Marketing and Social Networking. Mercy! These in addition to the aforesaid graphics programs would set me up fairly well with this blog, as well as give me additional background for the copywriting I’ve tackled on the side, along with the regular promotion of my grandfather’s books which have now been published.

I’ve never had time to get bored–there is always plenty to do!

I popped on the Estrella Mountain Community College website and found that I’d missed enrollment for the Fall Semester, but Spring Semester would be opening in October. Super! Estrella Mtn Comm College

I set up an account, checked for classes and found the perfect two, one online, to begin and added them to my “wishlist”. Of course, then I had to wait until payday to complete admissions and registration.

Online registration is as complicated as at the physical location, however, there is no one to advise you with the proper answers (online) and so began a convoluted effort at filing the appropriate paperwork in which at one point I realized needed to be a year-long Arizona resident to qualify. Additionally, they required you to verify you’d be an Arizona resident through the end of the class. Well, no problem (I thought), as we were living in Yuma in our RV prior to moving here and eventually leasing this apartment for a year, which will be next July. I had to go in to present the appropriate documents.

First, these days you must verify you are a U.S. citizen. That done, I armed myself with lease papers, receipts from our RV rental lot in Yuma, and the U.S. Post Office transfer of permanent resident address to Maricopa County. None of that mattered, however, when they asked for my ID. I presented my driver’s license, which is from Idaho and is valid through March of 2017. On that basis, I was denied the class as an in-state resident ($35.00); but could pay the out-of-state resident fee ($387.00). On Social Security, I had waited until I could pay the $35–but $387? That’s probably our food budget for the month. I’m disappointed and needed to vent. Thank you for listening!

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I am the granddaughter of Patrick John "Stanley McShane" Rose whose books including "Cocos Island Treasure" I've recently published. My time is now spent in reading, reviewing, and writing bookish articles. I'm looking forward to sharing this social media odyssey with you!

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