The Golden Persuader – By Michael Reisig

Michael Reisig, no newcomer to combining whimsical sci-fi with past-faced dramatic action-adventure, has done it again in his new release, “The Golden Persuader.” In his words, it is the story of “modern cowboys, American Indians, big city hoodlums, and some seriously illegal aliens.”


Dax Dryder was trailering his horse to Abilene with his massive German Shepherd/wolf mix, Smoke, when rain, the dark of night, and his exhaustion forced him to take a break. That night would change his life forever.

Dax and his sister had been raised by wealthy parents. Being groomed to take over his father’s political life, he seriously questioned that role and took the opportunity of his father’s fall from grace to go his own way. It was shortly thereafter both parents were killed in a private plane crash under mysterious circumstances and it sealed the dissolution of what was left of his family’s estate.

What he witnessed before daybreak in the little hollow on that moonless night, however, left him shaken, feeling lucky to be alive, and headed in another direction.

He was welcomed just outside Lubbock by old rodeo buddy Ned Patter and his wife, Margarita, a Lipan Apache on their 50 acre ranch. Maggie Cambel, part owner of the Asphalt River Cafe and he met on a cautious note, but he had scores to settle, and needed to reconcile the little golden device now in his possession. Enter the Shatt’s brothers, Melvin and Delbert. They figure out pretty quickly that the golden device might be put to their own good use–they just needed to steal it! But Melvin and Delbert have “Big Momma Shatts” to worry about. Dax also has a ruthless corporation and their sociopathic hit man to worry about.

Reisig weaves his heart-stopping tale in and around the Shatt’s brothers, the powerful men behind his parents demise, Ned and Margarita, and his new lady, and doesn’t let the story linger–it just keeps pumping!

The characters come alive, from Margarita’s strong but stoic manner to Maggie’s tender surrender. The bad guys are really disgusting and truly need what’s coming to them while the Shatt’s brothers add comic relief. Thank heaven, as the twists come flying at you pretty intense!

Bravo, Michael, I appreciated receiving the pre-pub copy and can recommend to anyone looking for a fast-paced, gritty story-line with a remarkable sci-fi twist you don’t see coming!

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Author: Rosepoint Publishing

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