Dead Lawyers Don’t Lie-Review


Dead Lawyers Don't LieDead Lawyers Don’t Lie by Mark Nolan

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Publication Date: January, 2016

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Dead Lawyers Don’t Lie – great cover, but I wish he’d have included the dog beside him (in proper “heel” formation, of course).

Tired of books that end before you have a chance to get to know the characters, the motivation, the plot? Look no further than “Dead Lawyers Don’t Lie,” by Mark Nolan. Once I really got into this book, it became a reward for the day–Jake Wolfe is the really bad-assed good guy–ex-Marine. He’s been there, seen it all. His attitude evolved with each new scar on his well honed body. He has the confidence to handle any situation and his sense of propriety leans towards the “Good Samaritan” side. His job as a photojournalist has given him access to a fine network of people, although his closest friends are those who served with him. He shares a relationship with Terrell that only men together under fire can understand and appreciate. Their conversations are good-humored and natural; dialogue as would happen between loving and respectful men.

But here’s the thing: The book you think you are getting at the beginning changes. There are twists, yes, but even more than that, these characters mature. His coincidental assignment locations have almost given him “first responder” position to two unusual homicides–lawyers murdered in creative ways by an assassin known as “the Artist.” Jake’s forensic eye offers intimate intel to his buddy, Terrell, a SFPD lieutenant and Terrell’s partner, Beth Cushman.

Then enters Cody, an ex-military, combat trained dog. Jake had experience with his own as a dog handler and takes on the custody of Cody when his now civilian handler succumbs to PTSD. I loved Cody. No way could I handle a dog like that but I am well aware how brilliantly intuitive they are. They really don’t have to speak the language, but they certainly understand it. And I’ve gotten the same, “ha, ha, ha” from my dog that Cody issues from time to time, right down to and including the mirthful glint in the eye. Still, when it comes down to business, Cody can be one very seriously aggressive and successful force.

As you get to know the antagonist (get inside his head), Ivan, you can almost gather some empathy towards him–I said almost–at least understand better where he’s coming from. (Okay, it was rough, but that doesn’t excuse his behavior.) The antagonist offers an intelligent and artful conflict and the story slams into a climax that leaves you exhausted but satisfied.

I was offered this book as a free download for a review. Admittedly, it’s a genre I enjoy. But this is one you could enjoy whether your favorite genre or not. I thought it was going to be a long one; it wasn’t. I’m ready for the second in this new series.

Bullseye!The Author:  Born in San Francisco, Nolan has lived in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii. He says he has raised two great kids and one very smart retriever dog. He began his writing career as a freelancer for businesses featured in Parade and Readers Digest, among others.

Rosepoint rating: Five of Five

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