Forbidden Birth – Review


Forbidden BirthForbidden Birth by William Rubin

Genre: Currently #1949 in Best Seller’s Rank for Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense, Medical

Publisher: Crystal Vision Creations

Publication Date: July, 2016

Submitted by author for review 

Forbidden Birth – Cover conveys medically themed novel

I was sent this book by the author, Dr. William Rubin, as a medical thriller to read and review. After reading “Forbidden Birth,” however, I’m wondering if it shouldn’t have been classified as cross-genre, as there were also elements of horror, crime, and mystery; even sci-fi.

Dr. Christopher Ravello has given up a lucrative medical practice to join the newly formed Medical Crimes Division as a homicide detective of the New York Police Department. Compelled to fight crime on the street level after the brutal murder of his mother, he moves his well-to-do family to a blue-collar hood of questionable security and works with childhood buddy Kev Kennedy as they bump up against a serial killer known as The Giver. The antagonist is presented as extremely intelligent and, indeed, we get to know him well as he rationalizes the necessity for the work he is doing and the status he’ll achieve when his work becomes known.

[**Spoiler alert] Unfortunately, he is also extremely sadistic as he targets one expectant mother after another. The Giver works towards his secret goal of cloning an adult human. You also get to know the victims–well enough to be saddened by their fate.

Rather a unique plot that zings you right into the middle of a crime scene, the timeline flips occasionally to bring you up to speed. Protagonist and antagonist create a good amount of tension as the story progresses relentlessly where you hope it won’t. You’ll enjoy the fun of testing your medical terminology skills as the plot weaves in and out of one slashem’up scene to another.  (Be prepared for some “F” rated words as well.) Things get bloodier the closer Dr. Ravello gets to his target, the climax of which is not wholly a big surprise as the twist goes exactly where you expect. Dr. Detective Rubin is insecure along the way, constantly second-guessing himself, and further has a medical condition which leaves him debilitated and extremely vulnerable.

Recommended as an intelligent thriller for those who don’t mind getting into adult content with some violent, graphic visuals.

Author description: William Rubin is a practicing physician. Writing gives him an escape from “the rigors of a busy medical practice” as well as the challenges of concurrently raising a family. He enjoys weaving his tales of intrigue laced with medical specifics and conjecture. And after all the above, he says leisure time is spent with family and friends and playing piano. Gifted hands. ©2016 Virginia Williams

Rosepoint rating:  4 of 4 Stars   Four Star    Resource Box

Author: Rosepoint Publishing

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