When the Reaper Comes – Review

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When the Reaper ComesWhen the Reaper Comes by John DeBoer

Publisher: Solstice Publishing

Publication Date: November, 2016

Submitted by author for review

When the Reaper Comes (Cover falls short.)

Like watching it play out on the big screen in full Technicolor and Dolby Sound, the action from the beginning pages of “When the Reaper Comes” by John DeBoer was so well laid out, it was difficult to hit the pause button until the last scene played out.

I do enjoy a good thriller and have read my share of both military and political themed novels, including stories that include the present day battle with ISIS. It seems that so much of the philosophy zooms over our heads and is usually far enough removed off our own soil that it is fairly easy to stick our heads in the sand and try to pretend it isn’t happening. Unfortunately, it is. America is no longer the isolated and protected country it once was. But don’t take my word–read the book.

The concept of being infiltrated from within isn’t a new one. Our protagonist is a former Navy SEAL, Adam Taylor, competent and confident. He, along with his partner receives a temporary assignment in Adam’s hometown in upstate eastern U.S. The two are to help protect a rock star giving a local concert who has made some dangerous and inflammatory errors concerning the Islamic State. There is no way this has gone unnoticed; cannot be ignored, and will require righteous retribution.

As with any good cinema, the reader can be the proverbial fly on the wall in the American terrorists’ group planning sessions, introducing the members and allowing the reader to get to know them as well as their levels of dedication.  In addition to Adam and his partner, there are NSA members at discovery and those responsible for the delegation of a comprehensive and encompassing plan for capture and custody of the antagonists. Adam also enlists the aid of boyhood friends; now in law enforcement. As the intrigue develops, Adam is able to get inside the head of terrorist Khouri, and coordinates the capture plan. The plot moves faster and faster as he matches wits with the frustrated Khouri and the antagonist’s determination to succeed escalates. Can Adam continue to outwit the men with the IED, weapons, and plan for escape?

The dialogue runs so real, you could almost join the conversation. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a review, and I must say it was a very good bargain! Recommended for any thriller fans as well as those looking for a revelation of the current conflict.

Bullseye!Rosepoint rating: Five of five stars

Author description: John DeBoer graduated from the University of Vermont College of Medicine, performing his surgical residency in the U. S. John DeBoerArmy at Madigan Medical Center, Ft. Lewis, Washington. After his Army tour, he went into private practice and retired after 30 years to begin a new career–author. He lives with his wife in North Carolina. ©2016 Virginia Williams Resource Box

Author: Rosepoint Publishing

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