Burke’s War – Review

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Burke's War by William F. BrownBurke’s War by William F. Brown

Genre: Currently #27 in Kindle Store, Prime Reading, Literature & Fiction, Action and Adventure

Publisher: William F Brown

Publication Date: February 2015

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Burke’s War by William F Brown

Having read and enjoyed Winner Lose All by William F. Brown, I was certainly prepared to enjoy Burke’s War. I really was, but first…

It was necessary to suspend disbelief to think that a passenger on a jet landing into O’Hare in Chicago could not only see a murder taking place on the roof of a three-story building, but look into and lock eyes with both the murderer and the victim. (Shaking my head–can’t buy the initial premise.)

The plot has the protagonist Bob Burke returning from Washington DC after a failed attempt to renew an important contract for his telecommunications company. After he witnesses and reports the murder, he discovers local police are less than interested and extremely skeptical of his being capable of seeing such an event from that vantage point. The one officer who believes his account may be able to lend some help, but otherwise Burke is at a loss to decipher those who are corrupt from those he can trust.

The antagonist is a serious sicko physician, who, associated with the Chicago mob, run a major Medicare scam with multiple health center offices. Bob Burke is also a serious character, fleshed out pretty well as an ex-Army Major, deadly special forces operative, in the process of divorce from his wife and former co-owner of the telecommunications business. Apparently, there is zero love lost on either side, but she becomes collateral damage and war is declared.

While it could be conceded that a battle-hardened soldier would be immune to death, this seasoned killer sets out to wipe out the Chicago mob with his former Army buddies. The doctor-antagonist is worst than the protagonist who operated in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the obvious stereotype of the Mafia was a bit over the top (shaking my head again).

No one was immune to violent death and destruction, women or bad guys. The ex-Army guys have all the major fire power and they use it against the street-wise “made men.”

The plot moved along, though several points were repeated–more than once. Bob won the battle, but I was not sure he was a winner. There were some edit misses. You might enjoy the details of the military action and weapons and the story does move. I was given this book in exchange for a review. You may view the hero as one–I found him cold, unemotional, and scary. Or, was that the whole idea?

3.5 of five starsRosepoint rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

 Author description: William F. Brown is the author of eight suspense novels, Burke’s War being #1 in the Bob Burke Suspense Series. Burke’s Gamble was released in March 2016. Number 3 of the series, Burke’s Revenge is expected to be released in early March 2017. William F. Brown is a native of Chicago. ©2016 Virginia Williams Resource Box

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