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Title: CCat in the Flock by Lisa Brunetteat in the Flock by Lisa Brunette

Genre: Currently #4380 in Best Seller’s Rank for Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Supernatural

Publisher: Sky Harbor, LLC

Publication Date:  July 2014

Cat in the Flock – Cover conveys ethereal quality

Born into a family of “dreamslippers” that skips every other generation, protagonist Cat McCormick is the lucky generation to receive “the gift.”

Part of the “Dreamslipper Series” by Lisa Brunette, “Cat in the Flock” introduces a sideways twist to the always fascinating study of psychic or mystic receivers. Still struggling with how she will come to terms with this unusual paradigm, the recent college graduate has had problems finding employment in St. Louis and accepts an offer from Granny Grace to join her in Seattle where she will be groomed to take over Granny Grace’s PI firm as she carefully mentors her granddaughter in controlled dreamslipping as well.

Here is a fascinating glimpse into what might be termed another paranormal event. Cat, sometimes an unwilling participant in dreams of nearby persons, finds herself in a scene from another passenger on the same airliner. Often a cryptic puzzle, not receiving a whole picture, it is up to Cat to clarify the kind of dream she has slipped into. It is Granny Grace who later teaches her to “separate” herself from the dreamer’s body so that she can become a neutral bystander.

In Seattle, it’s not long before she is hot on the trail of a new case until the tutelage of Granny Grace, and then back to St. Louis to delve undercover into the life from which this dream stems. The clashes between her Catholic upbringing often collide with the teachings of the New Age fundamentalist church that the husband of her dream target created. What appears to be an abusive situation turns out to be quite different, offering a number of contradictions that Cat must unravel.

As the character of Cat grows and develops, so does that of Granny Grace, who at 77 obvious that the old girl has led a remarkable life. Cat, while she is back in St. Louis, is able to resolve some tension between her and her mother, smoothing the path she has currently chosen. Cat’s random dream sequences are fun, enlightening, and compelling at the same time. The tension between the honor of faith and normal human and sexual emotions drive the plot through introspective motives as the storyline steams to a conclusion.

While the story is not a horse race out of the gate, it definitely builds. Guessing whodunit isn’t so difficult. It’s how the protagonist gets us there, the maturity of her dreamslipping powers, and the peripheral characters that adds to an overall enjoyable read. The dialogue gets a little testy at times, pushing the envelope of uncontained anger. I had a some difficulty with the characters ages making sense to me, but that could be explained away by a trophy wife or late bloomer. And while I couldn’t muster up any empathy for the antagonist, I did have a problem with Lee, though it’s a series…I suspect the author had other plans for Cat, a unique character, this being the first in the series.

Obviously, you’ll have to read the others in the series to see where this is going. Would I read another in the series? Yes–lap this stuff up. Recommended for anyone who’s ever had a dream that turned deja vu on yah.

Lisa Brunette - authorRosepoint Publishing: Four of Five Stars

The Author: Lisa was born in Santa Rosa, California, the daughter of a military man. Through all the moves that come with being in the military, her one constant was books. She is a widely published author, game writer, and journalist and has interviewed a wide range of women adding to her experience of colorful characters. She has accumulated a list of awards and now lives in a small town in Washington state. You can connect with Lisa at

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