Infographic for Click to Tweet Guidelines for WordPress


How to Add a Click to Tweet LinkMea culpa, and by the way, that is directly from the Oxford Dictionaries that I was so busy posting about on my blog Friday. Yes, I was trying something new, and as always with this old dog, graphic tricks don’t come easy. So apologies to all who received multiple updates as I doggedly tried again to create a “Click to Tweet” to my post. This is a free basic plan–there are paid upgrades (aren’t there always?). You’d think these things would be easier than they are, but apparently everything has to be tantamount to learning Photoshop. I seem to be the last one to figure these things out–or maybe not–if you haven’t tried it lately, perhaps this could help?

Just in case you could use a short Infographic on the whole Click to Tweet thing, I created this one and hope that it helps sufficiently that you will try it, if you aren’t indeed way ahead of me already. Click to Tweet

My main problem, as always, is trying to be in a hurry and not really READING the instructions. Therefore, to make a long and frustrating story short–turns out I was trying to “embed” my full link that appears in an “Embed Code” box–a no-no for tweeting my short text with invitation. (Embedding pictures and videos involves securing the URL and pasting to a new line–not what I wanted here.) Bottom line–it was that simple little link ( at the top right of my screen that was all that was needed. I really hope you tried the last attempt and that it worked for you!

Of course, if you routinely do a Click to Tweet, you may have found a better, easier generator, or have another link shortening favorite other than TinyURL. Those are suggestions and merely meant as an example.

Link Details (7iEpK)

Tweet Preview


Aren’t we invoking the Oxford comma for purposes of clarity? via @ginstweeter 

Here are a few hints for Click to Tweet learned the hard way:

1  There is a good reason for shortening your article URL address–you only get 140 characters to play with. And, hopefully, you’ll want to leave a few characters for those who are tweeting your quote or text to add a short comment of their own.

2  Don’t forget to add your handle using via @(your twitter handle)

3  Add your CTT link to suggested prompts in your article such as “Click to Tweet,” “Tweet This,” and Tweet This Quote.”

4  Don’t forget to check the box to open the link in a new window when clicked.

5  And now that we know better, test your link on the Click to Tweet website, not by updating your blog post.

6  The Click to Tweet website provides click tracking.

About the only thing more fun is a JavaScript class (and WordPress is touchy about JavaScripts as well). Do you have additional hints or suggestions for me? I’d love to hear them!

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