Telemachus – a Book Review

Telemachus by Peter GrayTitle: Telemachus by Peter Gray

Genre: Currently #5269 in Best Seller’s Rank in Kindle Store for Kindle eBooks, Literature & Fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance

Publisher: CreateSpace

Publication Date:  February 2016

Telemachus – Cover – The Red Bird of Prey Becomes Obvious

Telemachus by Peter Gray presents a gripping and emotional tale using the POV from migrating birds. It quickly becomes powerful and profound in its simplicity.

The story is written in an easy-flowing, heart-felt style that a child would enjoy. Still, an adult will just as easily interpret the anthropomorphic metaphor as a Greek tragedy, engaging all the elements of love, challenge, loss, and triumph.

The male and female protagonists, Tom John-Mary and Sally, might represent the tragic lives of their human counterparts.

Tom is an intelligent bird, but a singleton, growing in a nest without benefit of siblings and the lessons learned that come from sharing, but with strong parental and moral guidance. Tom is thoroughly smitten with Sally from the beginning; she is beautiful and steals his heart and mind, but it would seem she is attracted to another.

Unfortunately, like any good tragedy, the main antagonist, a female named Daisy, manipulates both Tom and his parents while Sally is whisked away by a stronger, larger, and more dominant male who later proves a drunken batterer.

The whole avian play is influenced by the larger powers that dominant a society whose lives depend on each other, their attitudes and behaviors. But if there is a God of Birds, (Aves) benevolently looking down and gently guiding, there is also a devil. In any organized society, there are those who will follow or lead, take more than they give, destroy more than they build.

These characters are fleshed out so well, you’ll forget they possess feathers. Conversations so natural, you’ll want to join in. Scenes are built so carefully, you can visualize the construction of the nest. Yes, they are birds, and they migrate to prove it, unfortunately, not always with storm warnings.

Forget genre–are you into romance? Included. Travel? Included. Law? Included. Moral conviction? Included. Higher power? Included. Conflict? Included. Resolution? Included. Fantasy? Included. A happy ending? Okay, depends on your own point of view. This is very unique, powerful and sweet, and… tragic.

Bullseye!I was given this book in exchange for a fair review. Recommended literary fiction.

Rosepoint Publishing: Five of Five Stars

The Author: Originally from Cork, Ireland, Peter Gray is a horse veterinarian who has written nine books covering their structure, movement, problems, and solutions. He has also written a book called Premonition: A Story of Ireland, a memoir. ©2017 Virginia Williams I Love Likes and Comments--Please Share!

Author: Rosepoint Publishing

I am the granddaughter of Patrick John "Stanley McShane" Rose whose books including "Cocos Island Treasure" I've recently published. My time is now spent in reading, reviewing, and writing bookish articles. I'm looking forward to sharing this social media odyssey with you!

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  1. Thanks for this, V, it’s a beautiful appreciation of my book. I had great fun writing it, but wondered if anyone else would get pleasure from it – especially as my family turned their noses upwards. So, all the nice reviews are really welcome, especially as they have come as something of a surprise.


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