The Eye of Nefertiti-A Pharaoh’s Cat Novel-Review

The Eye of NefertitiThe Eye of Nefertiti-A Pharaoh’s Cat Novel by Maria Luisa Lang

Genre: Currently #1791 in Books, Literature & Fiction, Genre Fiction, Historical, Fantasy

Publisher: Maria Luisa Lang

Publication Date: November 2016

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The Eye of Nefertiti – Cover could be darker

WOW! Where do I begin with “The Eye of Nefertiti-A Pharaoh’s Cat Novel” by Maria Luisa Lang? This book is a complete conundrum–a plot that’s unique and a story line that keeps you curious as to where the author could be going with it–but includes typos that signal perhaps it was not quite ready for prime time. You know you are in for something different from the first sentence of the first chapter. This novel was out of my normal genre, totally out of the box, but one with a premise I couldn’t overlook. How do you write a first person story when the first person is a cat? Yes, the protagonist is a cat–but not your ordinary cat.

How do you pick up modern times in a family with a baby and switch to ancient Egypt seamlessly? How is this cat distinctly feline as well as human? Wrappa-Hamen is a cat like no other and, for the most part, fleshed out well, albeit the switch had me confused at times as to whether we were still talking more human than feline, especially near the end of the book. Granted, the cat could actually walk (on two legs), talk, drink (not always lap), and eat foods that might otherwise be very deleterious for a feline, while still dealing with paws (no opposable thumbs). So, here’s how I laid it out: Continue reading “The Eye of Nefertiti-A Pharaoh’s Cat Novel-Review”