Tackle These Five Items of Maintenance to Clean Up Your WordPress Site

Yes, it’s summer, spring just flew by. Perhaps you’ve bumped up against your media allowance and need some room, or your archives run longer than Interstate 80 and is always under construction–somewhere. So isn’t it time to clean house?

A clean house is a sign of a broken computer!As I’ve mentioned before, I have the free version of WordPress (that’s a dot com, not dot org) and while it presents some limitations (for instance, most plug-ins), my free blog is still a whale of a program for the money. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. I’m not terribly technical, but I keep reading advice posts that say it’s time to clean up the ole website. Is it? Is this something you’ve tackled lately?

Here are five easy site maintenance procedures you can do on your own–just a bit of clean up: Continue reading “Tackle These Five Items of Maintenance to Clean Up Your WordPress Site”

Commitment to Blog Posts

Day 35: What are you going to do to keep the blogging momentum going? What plans do you have to continue your connection with other Author Blog Challenge participants and the new readers you’ve generated for your blog?

Keep the Momentum Going? Huh?

Dash To Christmas
Can I really add one more commitment to this pile?

This time of the year, I can think of few things I’d need to add to the chaos of the on-coming Christmas-time rush. No doubt it’s my daughter’s fault. Born in the middle of October, she upped the start of the season as her birthday quickly heralds in Halloween, followed closely by Thanksgiving, and in our case Christmas, though I know most people celebrate this time of year in their own way.

My celebration these latter years is just getting through it. For too many years, I tried doing the multi-tasking thing–keeping my regular-time job, but also the decorating, shopping, wrapping, baking, cooking, and cleaning in prep for company (LOTS of it–my hubby is from a large–need I say, Catholic family?). And then in reverse, the clean up, get ready for New Year’s Eve–again clean up. Thank heaven his sisters married, had families of their own, and started taking over the whole routine!

Now my goal is to do as little as possible.

Holiday Shoppers

The Author Blog Challenge is being completed with this blog. 35 days.

In the meantime, I published the anthology, which was decided would be the last of the books published for my grandfather. However, in view of the over-whelming need to keep the momentum going and the necessity for continued marketing and sales promotion, I will keep the blog active, but on a scaled back version.

The daily thing was pretty significant–huge contribution of time–and most of the new subscribers were, indeed, participants of this challenge. I greatly enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and subscribed, so they have grown into personal links and will be on-going.

The history with the blog had been extremely spotty–and getting to it was not at the top of the priority list. Realizing the importance of a schedule, however, I will commit to at least two blog posts per week. I’m responsible for one blog post a month to this MeetUp, and as everyone else, will be keeping a separate writing schedule as well as participating in a copywriting effort for ice cream money.

It’s good I have a dog to walk–exercising the fingers doesn’t constitute a complete work-out routine and my back-side doesn’t need to grow (any larger). Resource Box