Can A Bichon Frise Handle a Polar Blast?

Dog nose muffObviously, we’ve gotten out of the habit of being prepared for cold winter weather since leaving the Treasure Valley of Idaho. There, we had doggy coats and sweaters for our Bichon Frise and carried emergency equipment in the car. Now, one hour south of Chicago and facing a major Polar blast this weekend, the weather forecasters are warning people to dress in layers, cover the head, ears, nose, mouth and wear heavy gloves. Can you say Sasquatch?! 

Frosty DancerI got to thinking about my little dog who loved the Idaho snow–bounding around in it and digging to see what treasure she could find under all that cold, white stuff. I did put a coat or sweater on her depending on how cold or wet it was outside, but didn’t worry so much about her feet. Now, she is almost eleven (January) and I’m thinking fleece, earmuffs, and booties. Continue reading “Can A Bichon Frise Handle a Polar Blast?”