Making the Blog Work

To those of you who are casual spectators and come in to the blog to check the post and then check out, you may not have noticed anything different. For the keener observer, I hope you’ve noticed a few, perhaps subtle, changes. It started months ago when I noted it was time to step it up and make the blog work! FIRST–a change of theme!

That started a whole boatload of changes: blogging-university

1) Started with a class late last year.

2) Currently, there is a free WordPress Blogging University, Blogging 101 class–it’s like getting a writing prompt–and it opens the floodgates.

3) Reach out and touch someone–add to your web log. Examples: I’m enjoying Shanan Winters and her Interpreter of Inspiration blog. She has just published her first novel and has a lively blog–obviously having previously read and implemented all the wonderful “how to” articles I’ve been hitting. Ana Spoke has a very dynamic blog in which she just discovered “Face Swap Live“, a cell phone app that she used to promote her new book AND make a book trailer for “Shizzle, Inc.” Hilarious and way too much fun!

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