From the Desert to the Rust Belt

RoadrunnerFrom the southwest to the midwest. It’s a given that fall comes earlier to some areas faster than others. While we enjoyed a slow decline in morning temps in Goodyear, there were not all the outwardly signs of the slide into winter as we are currently beginning to note in northwest Indiana. I love the landscape of Arizona, the cactus, the beauty of sunrises and sunsets and I never tired of the artistic parks crafted with the perfect balance of sand, rock, and arid vegetation–there is an amazing variety of plants and trees in the desert. And so many hiking trails! There is a bounty of hiking trails for everyone from short to long or level to climb. Continue reading “From the Desert to the Rust Belt”

My Life As A Nomad

Maybe I was a Gypsy in a previous life. Or, perhaps the lifestyle created when a child is still the one that resonates into adulthood–and if so–as usual, I can blame my mother. We led a rather nomadic life when I was a girl, sometimes attending three schools in one year. Those years were fairly confined to California and Oregon. (I can’t say anything about Oregon schools, but California schools definitely took a dive.)

So it was after hubby and I sold our home in Idaho back in 2013 that we took off in the RV. Our destination then was the east coast as we dreamed of tasting the lobsters in Maine north to running down the Keys in Florida to the south. As many of you will remember from my previous posts, we made it as far as Indiana where our son lives before the RV and the Tracker both threw up their radiators and surrendered. goodyear

I mentioned in my last post that we weren’t getting any younger and probably needed to locate near either our son or daughter. Plans have changed from one day to another and continue to evolve. Hubby is looking for work and it is hoped he may be successful shortly. Leaving Goodyear AZ will be bittersweet as was leaving the Yuma Foothills. Of course, the attraction of both locations is the winter living. Summers in either city are pretty brutal and you wouldn’t want to be there then. But winter? Beautiful!  Continue reading “My Life As A Nomad”