Freaky Friday Features

YAY! As promised, I’ve found an outrageous, but totally delightful, Pinterest pin for you this Friday. Yes, I can do outrageous and delightful at the same time, because if you’ll look at this pin you can see it is righteously both.

Now here is a woman who managed to create herself back in her 20’s and has pretty much stayed in the game, actually using her aging model self to her advantage. I realize there are others who have done the same, but can you honestly point to another with quite the same panache? I think not!

Iris Apfel is 94 (born August 1921) and has a very strong fashion style. But I have a questionwhere does she exhibit this style? When she goes to the grocery store? To the doctor? Uh Oh…..did she drive there herself? Does she party? With other 90 year olds? Is this her day-to-day makeup? And how long does that take? Actually, I’m pretty impressed she can move her arms; those bracelets are not made of styrofoam. This is scary–I’m not that far behind her! @ 2016 Virginia WilliamsResource Box