10 Worst Christmas Gifts Ever

Christmas came and went in a flurry of last minute buying as it always does, sometimes dictated by a late pay check, often times by a clueless giver that left the gift recipient wondering, “What Were They Thinking?!!”

Point being; maybe they were issuing subtle hints–or you took it that way?

31 Days of Exotic Toothpaste Flavor1. A boxed set of 31 tubes of toothpaste. This set consists of exotic flavors such as Indian Curry and Kiwi Fruit. (Are the tubes one time use only? Or with judicious use, could you get a whole year out of  each of them?)

2. Bar of Soap

3. Pity Marcia A., of Carlsbad, California, who one year received a pill vial designed like a white elephant filled with baby teeth of the friend’s children!

4. Dental floss

5. How about one slipper–or slippers designed to look like bear claws, rabbits, cats, blah, blah, blah

 6. iPod Toilet Paper HolderHow about this iPod toilet paper holder? (I just plugged my iPod into a clock-radio.)

7. Did you get a piece of coal in your box or stocking? Uh oh

8. Fruitcake–does anyone EVER eat those? (Why do they continue to make them?)

9. Vacuum, kitchen pans, blah, blah, blah

10.(Inappropriate–or any) Magazine subscription 

Perhaps the best gift of all just came in a “prank” box, popular now in various sizes. These can be ordered direct from PrankPack.com or Amazon and can be found in local stores like K-Mart. Prank box-Bathe&Brew How about the Bathe&Brew box? Bacon scented dryer sheets?

Relax. If you only got a sweater two sizes too large, the wrong color, or one you are allergic to, count yourself lucky. ©2016 Virginia Williams

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