These Real-Life Sculptures by Seward Johnson Are Too Soon Gone

I was crushed when I went back to “the Square” in Crown Point, Indiana, to take pictures of the sculptures by Seward Johnson that I’d taken for granted would still be there, not knowing they were part of a summer collection and would soon be going bye-bye. I had vowed to take pictures of the life-size sculptures of everyday life every time I returned to Crown Point, but was always on a different mission or the sun wasn’t right, yadda, yadda, yadda. BIG mistake!

Old Lake County Courthouse, Crown Point, IndianaFortunately, the Midwest Wanderer had the foresight to take pictures and post for the rest of us to enjoy; certainly better than I would have. Apparently, this was not the first time Crown Point has sponsored a sculpture display as part of their public summer art project. There were twelve sculptures largely located around Crown Point’s iconic courthouse. This courthouse is so beautiful it would demand your attention anyway, but coupled with the “people” who don’t move, you are overwhelmed with the desire to park the car and browse–I have to think the downtown merchants had that result in mind.

Sculpture "Holier Than Thou" by Seward JohnsonLocal businesses sponsor the exhibit. For 2016, sculptures included a photographer, a woman walking her dog, a hot dog vendor, and people deeply in private conversation over a newspaper. "Relish, Too?" Sculpture by Seward JohnsonThe collection also included Marilyn Monroe (holding her skirt down, of course). Although most of Johnson’s sculptures are life-size, he does have a collection of “Monumental Scale,” which includes a depiction of Lincoln.

Marilyn Monroe, Sculpture by Seward Johnson The merchants thoughtfully prepared an exhibit brochure, which included a map. Located within the Old Lake County Courthouse is the John Dillinger Museum, Crown Point’s claim to fame. I have to believe the sculpture exhibits will replace that claim with a more artsy one, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the winter. And next summer, I won’t miss the chance to photograph the 2017 Johnson sculpture collection! ©2016 Virginia Williams Resource Box