About That Twitter Chat Explosion

I’m off on another challenge and looking for input, advice, comments regarding Twitter Chat–Twitter Party(?) Twitter Bird

I’ve been looking for a blogging group, Meetup, or publishing-marketing group locally and still coming up empty-handed. Seems most groups are located in or much closer to Chicago than I want to travel. Failing a local, physical group, I started looking around for something online and may have found an idea in a Twitter Chat–looks like they discuss blogging. The host is Mack Collier @MackCollier and his chat is #Blogchat.

Twitter ChatYes, I know, there are gazillions of chats–and parties, out there. Anyone have any experience in this arena with sage advice to impart? Have you participated in another you would recommend for book marketing, for instance?

I’m considering using Hootsuite (but I’m not sure it’ll be fast enough). I’ve used Hootsuite in the past to schedule posts and tweets. I understand there are a number of other platforms out there can be used to keep up with posts, including TweetChat, however, their “permissions” include one or two I wasn’t ready to agree with. TweetChat also keeps a schedule, which is quite handy as it lists chats scheduled for everyone from 5th grade teachers to food prep with Star Olive Oil. And then there is Tweetdeck and that looks the same to me as Hootsuite. Is it better?

Twitter ChatsMack Collier has assured me they are very helpful in all things blogging–and will discuss a different topic each week. They also have a Facebook page if you’d like to check them out as well. I’m up for trying #Blogchat this Sunday, January 22nd, at #Blogchat, 8 pm CT. Meet me there? ©2017 Virginia Williams