Do You Need Inspiration to Write?

I’m very proud of my fellow Idaho Author Community member, G. S. Wright, for continuing to doggedly get those words out there. He has an unparalleled drive I’ve not seen in many other authors in that he is keeping, and posting, his total daily words. No, Garth is not writing a book (he’s writing several). Garth has a number of projects going, including series installments and short stories.

I admire his dedication and keen ability to keep all his plots separate in his head. It must be a youth thing, as I feel accomplished getting out one blog post a week. Back during the Blog Challenge, I took on writing a blog a day for five weeks. Thank heaven for the writing prompts, as I am slow to initiate when forced to originate. For me, writing comes so much easier and more natural when inspired.skyline

My inspirations often hit when walking the dog and I walk her several times a day. Impossible to stop and make notes, I begin dictating thoughts on my handy-dandy cell phone which is also keeping track of my steps, miles, and route.

Last week during a visit with my hikin’-lovin’ cousin came a crash course in writing prompts, inspirations, and blog post ideas. Lost! Difficult to dictate when hiking with someone and gasping for breath. Fortunately, the hiking trails themselves were inspirational and apparently something this area (Phoenix) excels in providing. Who would have given serious thought to a desert, which may exceed 120o in the summer, would discover the winter-long pastime of hiking?  Continue reading “Do You Need Inspiration to Write?”

A Great Source of Writing Prompts

Writer’s Blockugly words–but something that happens to most who would be authors. So it is that I am always looking for “prompts,” those lovely little ideas that would prompt an article, story, or more. It was when I downloaded “The Authors Publish Compendium of Writing Prompts by Emily Harstone that I finally thought I’d found Nirvana.

This was a free for the download fount of prompts and is divided into a number of different categories:

  1. Quick, simple prompts
  2. Classic prompts
  3. For novelists
  4. For poets
  5. For creative non-fiction writers
  6. Focused on craft
  7. For groups

Rose Point Publishing

The first group includes ideas such as first sentence, last sentence and a 10 word short story.

The prompts are laid out in a clear, easy format, describing the location, character(s), and possible action scenarios. For instance, the prompt for “Castaway” (classic prompts #2 above) sets a main character on a small island with only three items. How the character ended up there is part of your own idea as well as whether the focus will be escape or survival. Continue reading “A Great Source of Writing Prompts”

Blog Challenge-Day 1

Blog Challenge-Day 1

Uh oh! It’s here already?! I thought I was preparing, but thank heaven we are being supplied with a daily prompt!


Easy blog challenge prompt for Day 1–intuitive–what are the goals for the Author Blog Challenge better known as the “ABC“?

(1) Is it to introduce new readers to the blog? (oh yes!)

(2) Is it to increase traffic to the blog? (oh yes!)

(3) Get in some extra writing practice? (of course!)

All of the above! I joined in an effort to force myself accountable in continuing to hone the craft my grandfather thought he’d passed on when he left me his steamer trunk full of his own manuscripts, poems, short stories, and paintings over 80 years ago. As the old wives tale goes–twins (especially identical) tend to skip a generation. Interesting if so. Does it also follow with artistic talents as neither my mother nor my aunt had any interest in their father’s work or in creating histories, stories, or fiction of their own; neither do my daughter or son–but my granddaughter?? Keeps a journal with her and is constantly writing!! Don’t I love that! So, is there a writing gene?

But inheriting the urge isn’t the same as the gift and though I began writing in childhood, winning a few little contests, it wasn’t until I began publishing magazine articles of my motorcycling adventures and later of Stanley McShane’s scripts that I realized this was going to be a LOT of work! To that end, I’ve joined groups (hence the Publishing and Book Promotion MeetUp group of Phoenix, as well as the Idaho Authors’ Community) and written my little heart out translating McShane’s works,  practicing book descriptions, author pages, media promotions, book signings, and creating this blog that has, at times, floundered.

Therefore, in addition to the SEO class I’m signed up for in the Spring, I’ll stubby my fingers on the keyboard trying to meet this challenge. And in so doing, perhaps I’ll tap into that author gene of my own and in the process succeed in items 1 and 2 above!