Another Reisig Winner

down-the-road“Down the Road to Key West” is another Reisig winner! Those rascally Caribbean adventurers Kansas Stamps and Will Bell go in hot pursuit of the legendary lost treasure of Pancho Villa. It’s no secret that Villa loved his gold and was a vigorous Robin Hood/political activist. In this fifth book of the wildly successful Key West series, Michael Reisig sends his popular but reluctant protagonists to Villa stomping grounds after a visit from that old Rastaman, Rufus, as they follow an antiquities specialist in possession of an authentic Villa cipher with his knowledgeable and beautiful daughter, Max. Of course Maxine is that wonderful combination of smart, pretty, strong, and independent.

They must survive attacks in the jungle by a revenge crazy antagonist and isolated attacks by murderous bandits in the desert. Along the way, they enlist the assistance of old ‘Nam pilot, Crazy Eddy, and war buddies Travis and Cody. You may remember these characters from other books in the series. (You’d be disappointed if they were not called on for support in this venture.) Staying quietly in the background is a mysterious, but elite tribe of Indians who may lend support in their own special way. Reisig describes his characters so well you can smell their nervous sweat (completely unbidden); blended within the fetid odor of the jungle, the heat, and the bugs. This is just plain non-stop fun you can’t interrupt and won’t want to! It’s a thrilling page turner full of suspenseful action.

It’s no secret one of my favorite authors is Michael Reisig. I’ve been hooked on his books since I read “Brothers of the Sword-Children of Time,” now “Caribbean Gold Book I-The Treasure of Tortuga,” “Caribbean Gold Book II-The Treasure of Time,” and “Caribbean Gold Book III-The Treasure of Margarita.” Yes, I’ve read books that could evoke tears, produce laugh-out-loud moments, and provide for those hours spent reading a vicarious, yet thrilling and triumph ride through a seemingly impossible situation. But it was only when I read those first books above noted that I got sufficient goose bumps that pushed me deeper into the mystical world of the soul. There are few of us who haven’t experienced deja vu moments that left us questioning whether we were indeed touched by a power beyond us.

I’ve gone on to read Reisig’s other books; no one says the author isn’t prolific. While he may have found a formula his fans can appreciate and continue to read in a series, or totally unique, stand alone books, such as “The Hawks of Kamalon,” “The Golden Persuader,” or “The New Madrid Run” the one over-whelming message or theme in each of his books is the strong bond of truly loving, honorable, and trust-with-your-life men. It’s a brotherhood formed by successful, lofty adventures–the kind not necessarily for profit, but the ones you survive. They DO exist! ©2016 Virginia Williams Resource Box



Author: Rosepoint Publishing

I am the granddaughter of Patrick John "Stanley McShane" Rose whose books including "Cocos Island Treasure" I've recently published. My time is now spent in reading, reviewing, and writing bookish articles. I'm looking forward to sharing this social media odyssey with you!

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