Resurrection America – a Book Review

Resurrection America by Jeff GunhusTitle: Resurrection America by Jeff Gunhus

Genre: Currently #2880 in Best Seller’s Rank in Books, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction, Hard Science Fiction

Publisher: Seven Guns Press

Publication Date: June 5, 2017

Source: Sent by author as ARC for review

Resurrection America – Cover conveys subject

Resurrection America grabs reader interest immediately. It is a very small mining town in Colorado apparently a few years hence following cataclysmic nuclear attacks in big town America.

Resurrection America has some great characters, fleshed out well enough that you like them…and their small town. The protagonist ex-Marine Sheriff, Rick Johnson has come home with a case of PTSD, and seems to have overcome his initial problems. He settles down and becomes a well-respected member of his community. His sweetheart is the military widow of his childhood buddy, who has a small boy.

The town is gearing up to celebrate their annual Festival at the same time as he investigates the mysterious activity at the location of the old mine. So far, so good–and that’s where the good ends. His “ex” Cassie shows up. She has a history in Genysis through the use of the monster intermountain mine above the little town and is a brilliant scientist largely responsible for his intelligent artificial arm. But she throws an unsettling urgency into her unusual visit.

So let’s talk the good: There is great descriptive content; you gain a vested interest in the main characters. The author crafts a writing style and believable dialogue that’s easily grasped and comfortable. You get a feel for the town and it’s people in credible conversation and begin to gain a vested interest in them.

But then the story goes full dystopian on you, complete with an antagonist that is evil personified. And the problem? He’s also strongly realistic…especially given the recent divisive events in America. Keefer is savagely, insanely passionate about America bound and determined to “save” it, and is backed by a billionaire with more money than health or empathy for anyone other than himself.

And the bad: Occasional use of strong adult language (not just the standard “F” word), graphic violent situations, and the trashing more than once of the sad state of America. What would you be willing to sacrifice? The argument–yes, we got it the first time–the disintegration of the love of the people or support for our country, and it just seems more to the point of extending page count. While Rick projects a strong protagonist, and works extremely hard to save the day, it becomes apparent the immense size of this crisis may find him impotent for one man to resolve.

Four StarTragic ending, but is there ever a good ending in dystopian, sci-fi cyber-terrorism? You’ll have to suspend disbelief just a tad believing the earth survived a nuclear attack and the timeline between that and a Iraq veteran.

I was given this ARC in exchange for a review and noted that for an ARC was remarkably free of edit errors. This latent technical plot is a book both complex, intelligent, technical, and fascinatingly scary. This may be outside your normal genre, but try something unique.

Rosepoint Publishing: Four of Five Stars

Jeff Gunhus, authorThe Author: Jeff Gunhus is a USA Today bestselling author of thriller and horror novels. His novels resonate equally with adults, middle grade, as well as young adults. His first book, Jack Templar Monster Hunter, was written to get his eleven-year-old son to read, and a new series was born. He has reached the top 30 on Amazon and he has been recognized as Foreword Reviews Book of the Year finalists and the USA Today bestseller list. The father of five, he and his family live in Maryland. You may find him quietly writing his next novel at the back of the City Dock Cafe in Annapolis. ©2017 Virginia Williams I Love Likes and Comments--Please Share!

Author: Rosepoint Publishing

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