How to Get on BookBub–and Why You Should

Bookbub ScrreenshotWhen you ran a Goodreads Giveaway, did it work the way you wanted? Lots of TBR’s and a few winners. Did you get good reviews from your winners? Any reviews? Residual sales? I like Goodreads. There are a number of reasons it’s an amazing place to open an account and promote a presence.

BookBub logoBut have you considered BookBub? What does it take to get a book listed on BookBub? It is probably the most expensive marketing site out there–but that may be because it’s worth it. It is the most successful book promotion site for authors (or publishers) in the world, and the 2,230th most visited website in the US alone.

I Love This Book!So what does it take to make it?

  1. Professionally designed book cover
  2. Critical reviews
  3. Blurbs from well-known authors
  4. Optimized product page description
  5. Book is available across all retailers. Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc., in addition to Amazon
  6. Book is available across the world
  7. Flexible promotion dates

Back in 2013, best-selling author Christine Nolfi noted they often receive 100 submissions per day of which only about 20% are considered for listing. Selection for non-free books is just one in five titles while one in four is selected for free books. Even with a smaller platform, free books have a better chance at selection.

Digital downloadThe selection rate also varies per category. Happily, the selection rate for free historical fiction books is higher as they receive fewer submissions for that category. Some lists only feature a book in that category once or twice per week.

Mysteries are the most popular category by subscriber with the average cost of promotion at $345.00.

Each submission must meet basic requirements that includes plot, cover, samples, author background, and book platform. Also very important are both editorial and reader reviews. It is easier for the BookBub editors to evaluate a listing if there are additional supportive sources of information on the submission.

The submission will be compared to all other submissions in the category at the same time. So if the book is not accepted at that submission, it is possible that it will be of interest at a later date. And if the submission is not accepted, review the basic requirements to see if your submission met the basic requirements and can be improved, and then wait at least four weeks before resubmitting.

There is no “minimum requirement” for reviews. However, the editors look for higher numbers of authentic as well as positive customer reviews.

Reviews from trusted editorial sources as well as awards, bestseller lists, and other accolades are taken into account.

Especially important: a blurb from a big-name author.

In fact, BookBub tests have revealed that author quotes are preferable to publication quotes. Descriptions including a blurb from authors achieved an average of 30.4 percent higher click-through. Consistent follow-through with author blurb should also be included on the cover, book description on Amazon, and the author’s personal website.

Digital bookMembers are directed to retailer product pages, so product pages need to ensure informative descriptions that are clear, well-written, and error free.

In your book submission, you will include the following:

Your dynamic elevator pitch…

  • Strong, concise pitch of your book–what is the plot about? (No more than 50 words.)
  • Description includes the context and answers what the reader will find (i.e., entertainment, information). Include your unique style or voice to produce interest.
  • Add your accolades, author blurbs, or awards.
  • Make sure there are NO typos or grammar errors. Any errors in the plot description will leave an immediate negative impression.

How expensive is all this promotion?

Highest category is Crime Fiction with 3,810,000+ subscribers-Free pricing=$512

  Free book stats-52,600 downloads

  Discounted book stats-3,330 books sold

Science Fiction with 2,030,000+ subscribers-Free pricing=$315

  Free book stats-29,000 downloads

  Discounted book stats-2,550 books sold

Politics and Current Events with 190,000+ subscribers-Free pricing=$45

  Free book stats-2,400 downloads

  Discounted book stats-380 books sold

There are 42 categories that include everything from Advice and How-To to Women’s Fiction. Your book will fit nicely into one of them.

Subscriber counts and prices are updated often and reflect totals across supported retailers.

Pricey? Oh yeah, but if you’ve garnered some great reviews and an author blurb from your favorite and well-known author, go for it! Most author comments I’ve read love their results and plan to submit another book. One note: if you have a series–consider submitting the first in the series free; freebies may very well result in the sales of the others in the series.

Take a look at your promo budget. Perhaps this one is the way to go–BookBub certainly has the successive, dynamic subscriber base and the stats. I’d love to hear whether you’ve tried this, successfully or not. And let me know when you run the Freebie and I’ll download! ©2017 Virginia Williams I Love Likes and Comments--Please Share!

Author: Rosepoint Publishing

I am the granddaughter of Patrick John "Stanley McShane" Rose whose books including "Cocos Island Treasure" I've recently published. My time is now spent in reading, reviewing, and writing bookish articles. I'm looking forward to sharing this social media odyssey with you!

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