#ThrowbackThursday – “Broken Things” a Dystopian Thriller

Renee began the Throwback Thursday meme on her blog, “It’s Book Talk” to share some of her old favorites. Sounded like a good reason to join! My TT posts will not come from current ARCs or new releases. I’ll be going back over some of my oldies but goodies, my favorite authors, and some of my favorite stories from authors you might not have previously experienced. Hopefully, you’ll find either a story or author that interests you and you’ll check them out.

Broken Things by G. S. WrightOriginally posted May 25, 2013.

Book Blurb: “The world has changed. People live forever, but children are a thing of the past. To meet the demands of want-to-be parents, children have been replaced with androids… very life-like androids.

Josh, a twelve-year old boy, is hit by a truck, leaving him badly damaged. Instead of paying the outrageous cost to fix him, they dump him in the wilderness…His only salvation may rest in finding a single person that cares.”

Review: G. S. Wright creates a chilling new concept in “Broken Things“, a tale of children that never grow older and are more android than human. It’s a world of throw-aways–if it gets damaged it’s just easier to replace it.

What if the child was fully aware he was not human, but possessed all the love and loyalty of an offspring. What if your son, Josh, was an android that got broken? Where would the replacement parts come from? Would the cost be prohibitive? If the cost is prohibitive, would you rather just abandon the boy and buy new?

What if he was dispensable? Could you separate from that which you bought as a perfect, but fragile child, guided, protected, taught, and loved? How can Josh survive in a world that simply replaces older and broken children prototypes with newer designs, versions, and releases?

Once abandoned, can Josh survive to find a new, loving family? Whether you view this book as speculative fiction (it could be), sci-fi (probably), dystopian (maybe), or cyberpunk (huh? nah), it is compelling. Josh is immensely empathetic.

Not usually one to read sci-fi or dystopian, much less cyberpunk, I loved his debut novel and greatly enjoyed the thriller as it weaved in and out of chilling scenario. Heartily recommended!

Amazon: Currently, he holds a solid 4.3 of 5 stars on Amazon:

“It’s intense, surprising and keeps you on the edge of your seat.” 5 stars
“This is a story that will pull you in and won’t let go. You will *need* to finish it.” 5 stars

Garth Wright - authorThe Author: Garth is serious, very serious! I met this young writer living in Idaho when we were both members of the Idaho Author Community. He had quit his day job and jumped with both feet in a leap of faith up to his neck in writing.

G.S. Wright is a horror, sci-fi, and fantasy writer who mixes in the fast-paced action of the thriller novel, bringing you intense fiction guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Regardless of genre, you’ll find absorbing stories that will pull you in with realistic heroes and loathsome villains, and give you chills that will keep you up at night… turning the page.

He writes–all the time. Sometimes he watches movies, plays guitar, or sleeps. He has a beautiful wife (who keeps him from starving) and three children that he is failing to raise as ninjas. He also has a zombie survival plan.”

In addition to the thriller Broken Things, he has written the haunting paranormal novel Soul Sister, the dark fantasy zombie apocalypse series Hungry Gods, the vampire horror serial, Spilling Blood, and the sci-fi steampunk serial Apocalypse Witch.

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