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#ThrowbackThursday on It's Book Life blogRenee began the Throwback Thursday meme on her blog, It’s Book Talk to share some of her old favorites as well as sharing books published over a year ago. Sounded like a good reason to join! My TT posts will not come from current ARCs or new releases. Means I’ll be going back over some of my oldies from Goodreads, my favorite authors, and some of my favorite stories from authors you might not have previously experienced. Hopefully, you’ll find either a story or author that interests you and you’ll check them out.

This week I am highlighting another prolific series author, Alex Lukeman. Mr. Lukeman likes Barbados rum, fast old motorcycles and playing guitar. He writes action-adventure thrillers. There are 15 in the Project series with Solomon’s Gold #15 just released July 19, 2017. The series project features a small, elite counter-terrorism unit, answerable to no one but the president. This series will take you to all parts of the world and you’ll learn to love the dynamic, seriously talented and experienced fully-fleshed characters.

The Seventh Pillar by Alex LukemanOriginally posted June 8, 2014

The Seventh Pillar

Book Blurb:

“A fanatical terrorist has visions of the Islamic Mahdi commanding him to begin

the Apocalypse and bring about the End of Days. An ancient brotherhood of 

assassins hidden for centuries reappears to murder and ignite the fires of war.

A truck carrying a terrible weapon leaves Sudan for the lawless mountains of Algeria and an unknown destination. “Director Elizabeth Harker of the Project sends Nick Carter and Selena Connor

to the burning wastelands of Western Africa, the back streets of San Diego and the bitter mountains of the Hindu Kush, before a final confrontation that will decide the future of Western civilization.”

My Review:

Nick Carter is truly a force to reckon with especially when he is partnered with lover Selena Connor for this third in the Project series. While Director Elizabeth Harker is recovering from her injuries sustained in the previous book, Nick is paired with Stephanie, Harker’s right hand (wo)man and extremely efficient second-in-command to direct this small but elite black ops group. The Project answers directly to the president and this time nasty plots are afoot with fanatical terrorists primed with centuries of hate, preparation, and wherewithal to detonate a heinous series of crimes calculated to begin the war to end all wars.

The Project is a small group and gets smaller very quickly with the serious injuries dealt Lamont and Ronnie early in the operation, both ex-military and quite adroit at their specialties. Selena is the rookie in the mix and as deadly as she is given her training is now finding herself using Nick’s knowledge of survival–kill or be killed–and discovering a talent she’d rather not have known she’d excel in.

Selena brings additional talents to the group with her expert knowledge of ancient languages and quickly translates symbols left on the bodies of the terrorists targets.

Sent to Africa, around the world, and back again has them counting down in a nail-biting climax to find the men and their deadly cargo before it can be unleashed on the world.

Lukeman does it again with this book of the series, continuing character development, expanding their knowledge, and the tight expertise each brings to the Project. Whether Lukeman has been a 007 in a previous career is hard to tell reading the history he presents and the finely detailed backgrounds–whether men or country–described. Talk about research!–and kudos to his wife for helping to add that feminine sensitivity to his female characters. The book appeals to both sexes equally. Heartily recommended–and I’m looking forward to reading the 4th in the series! (and I did, and the next, and the next…)

Alex LukemanThe Author: (Author quote from Amazon Author Page) “Alex Lukeman writes action/adventure thrillers featuring a covert intelligence unit called the PROJECT and is the author of the award-winning Amazon best seller, The Tesla Secret. Alex is a former Marine and psychotherapist and uses his experience of the military and human nature to inform his work. He likes riding old, fast motorcycles and playing guitar, usually not at the same time. You can email him at alex@alexlukeman.com. He loves hearing from readers and promises he will get back to you.”

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