Lion on Fire – a #BookReview

Lion on Fire by Ted Galdi

Title: Lion on Fire: a Casino-Heist Thriller by Ted Galdi

Genre: Currently #13 on Amazon Best Sellers Rank in Kindle ebooks, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Crime Fiction, Heist, and #25 in Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Crime Fiction, Organized Crime

Publisher: Precipice Books

Publication Date: December 12, 2017

Source: Direct author request

Title and Cover: Lion on FireCover carries the title theme

Little brothers can be a real trial! (Mine kept our entire family hopping.) Brian Rolson, the protagonist/hero in this novel has the same problem that many of us have faced with younger siblings. Brian’s younger brother Kip has gotten himself into a world of trouble–this time selling illegal drugs. Having extra money made him loose and careless and now he is in a world of hurt.

Raised by a veteran of the local police department, both boys are secretive and do not want to confront the wrath of a father who would not condone the young man’s actions or reflect badly on their dad. Brian takes on the responsibility of assisting his younger sibling, but the time period to accomplish this is short and the consequences for the little brother deadly if he does not succeed.

Enter Dusty, someone who befriends Brian and undertakes the task of helping Brian and thereby the younger brother. Dusty and Brian both work at the same company as limousine drivers and Dusty accepts the challenge of helping Brian. The wise and edgy Dusty is not above knowing some lucrative but illegal affairs and together they both conspire a way to get some quick money. Being young and naïve is never a good addition to your skill set when undertaking this quest. It would appear, however, that this is the path Brian is forced to take.

Galdi weaves the well-plotted tale with precision and keeps the story fast moving and entertaining while slipping in a few twists along the way. The author keeps the drama going with the introduction of a Russian born gangster named Igor. Igor is someone who understands the American economy and quickly introduces gambling and other illicit activities to the mix. Brian is swept up in the underworld while keeping the prize in sight; eighteen thousand dollars within 60 days.

The opening chapter spears your attention and then swiftly guides you through the drama as it weaves into each new development. The characters provide a tight look at building friendships and loyalty and the tale maintains engagement with twists and turns that keep this mind-boggling saga very entertaining. It moves the reader through hope they’ll succeed and then fear they won’t and your heart sinks a little the deeper they go. Dialogue is bitingly natural, at times clipped.

The conclusion came a bit fast for me and with an unpredictable ending. I’d have liked to see a slightly longer debrief between buddies, but I’m not sure how else it could have safely ended. It definitely ended, however, with a surprise and that’s what makes it a winner in true Galdi tradition.

We received this ebook download from the author, appreciated the opportunity to read, and the resulting review is our own. I recommend Lion on Fire to anyone who would enjoy a little escapism and a thrilling fast-paced, suspenseful crime narrative. My only complaint is that the story ends too soon. I look forward to other works by Mr. Galdi! C.E. Williams

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Rosepoint Publishing:  Five of Five Stars Five Stars of Five Rating

Ted Galdi - authorThe Author: Ted Galdi, an Amazon #1 bestselling author, has been featured by Kirkus magazine, ABC, FOX, iHeartRadio, and many other media outlets. He’s a winner of a Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award and a Silver Medal in the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards. Ted is a graduate of Duke University.

His available releases are the books Elixir, An American Cage, and Lion on Fire, and the short stories A Road to Nowhere and Hazel Is Missing.
To learn more about him and take advantage of his free offers, visit his website at

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Author: Rosepoint Publishing

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