Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Black and White, Reflection, Mirror, Clouds

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge2

Cee at Cee’s Photography hosts a weekly Fun Foto Challenge. This week’s challenge is pretty diverse: black and white, mirror, reflection, airplane, jet, cloud, vehicle, building, power lines, frame in frame. This challenge is basically self-explanatory. If you have a photo you’d like to submit, click on her website and check it out. It’s a very simple procedure. Have fun.  Let’s see how creative you can be on this challenge then link your photo(s) to the comment box of her website!

Black and White: Totally blew the engine on this poor little Chevy Tracker that got us all over the hills of Yuma to Goodyear and on to Indiana. It was that last leg that done it in!

Chevy Tracker engine

Clouds: The sky and cloud formations in Arizona are amazing. This one over the golf course in Goodyear. (No, I didn’t draw that line–but was amazed when I saw it.)

Clouds over golf course

Reflection and Mirror: Reflection in the mirror taking shots to sell the RV. Loved those winters in Arizona and it was comfortable–except for the engine–we’d still be there.Reflection - Mirror

We are currently enjoying the visit of our old Navy buddies from Taiwan. Short posts for awhile. (Oh, the memories!)

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