Do We Really Need AI?

I need a new computer. Shoot the Computer

One that understands me.

One that anticipates what I’m trying to do–and executes it properly the FIRST time.

One that doesn’t flip out every time I breathe hard or brush the wrong key.

One that will STOP fighting what I am trying to do and LETS me do it!

One that doesn’t auto-correct the slang, euphemisms, or abbreviations with words I’ve never heard of.

One that doesn’t have to have the same passage or photo re-entered and saved six times to stay where I put it.

One that doesn’t take a sudden left turn and leave a large block of content unsaved.

Frustrated woman at computerAnd,

One that uses my searches to FIND what I actually want within 15 minutes.

With all this talk about AI taking over, I’m not really worried. My computer doesn’t seem to have learned a thing in six years. ©2016 Virginia Williams Resource Box