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(Sail Away Series Book 1)

Welcome Aboard by Jessie Newton, Tammy L. Grace, Ev Bishop, Kay Bratt, Violet Howe, Judith Keim,  Patricia Sands, Elizabeth Bromke 

Book Blurb:

Set sail to new adventures and escapes with eight best-selling authors in the exciting new Sail Away series!

Pack your bags and get ready to set sail on a variety of cruise ships…all without leaving home! Experience the waves, the wind, and the call of the birds in the Sail Away series with a sneak peek of the Sail Away Series in this prologue novella. Each bestselling author will take you on a sea adventure filled with friendship, healing, some romance, and all the heartfelt storytelling you crave.

Don’t miss a Sail Away book!
Book 1: Welcome Aboard – prologue book
Book 2: The Sound of the Sea by Jessie Newton
Book 3: Uncharted Waters by Tammy L. Grace
Book 4: A Not So Distant Shore by Ev Bishop
Book 5: Caroline, Adrift by Kay Bratt
Book 6: Moonlight On the Lido Deck by Violet Howe
Book 7: The Winning Tickets by Judith Keim
Book 8: Lost At Sea by Patricia Sands
Book 9: The Last Port of Call by Elizabeth Bromke

My Review:

Yes, I thought I was finally getting in on the first book of a new series. Well, sorta, but not.

The Sail Away Series is actually made up of nine books by eight different authors and Book 1 provides the prologues to each of the books. While they are part of a series, a consistent theme, each is a stand-alone book that includes different characters, locations, and plots. The common thread, of course, is that each will result in a cruise.

Getting into the first prologue and realizing what the book consisted of, I was initially disappointed. Having read the first one, however, I was hooked, regained enthusiasm, and dove into the second prologue.

Welcome Aboard by Jessie Newton, Tammy L. Grace, Ev Bishop, Kay Bratt, Violet Howe, Judith Keim,  Patricia Sands, Elizabeth BromkeHaving read the prologue though you want to continue with each and every book. They are all written by seasoned authors offering their own contemporary fiction stories with empathetic characters that quickly gains engagement.

Each story is different; the ladies are made up of different ages and circumstances. Some would prefer taking an enema rather than joining a cruise—absolutely NOT in their wheelhouse. Yet someone, or multiple love ones, see that they will go—whether or not kicking and screaming.

Some expect to find solace or peace, while others look forward to a new challenge or adventure. Something to reset their lives. The prologue provides the excitement and anticipation.

If you are feeling hesitant about signing up for nine different books, I’d urge you to take a good look at this one and then be prepared to set sail. Each of the backstories grip, set the stage, and provide the impetus for participating in the series. It’s going to be a delightful series to share on your lunch hour, on a vacation, or on your back porch enjoying the sun. It’s a fun, fast, and surprisingly entertaining Book 1. Then pack your bags.

I received a complimentary review copy of this book from one of the authors that in no way influenced this review. These are my honest thoughts.

Rosepoint Rating: Four point Five Stars Four point Five Stars

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Book Details:

Genre: Family Life Fiction, Contemporary Women’s Fiction, Women’s Romance Fiction
Print Length: 126 pages
Publication Date: January 1, 2023
Source: Author contact 

Title Link(s):

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The Authors: Jessie NewtonTammy L. Grace, Ev BishopKay BrattViolet HoweJudith Keim,  Patricia Sands, Elizabeth Bromke

©2023 – V Williams


Someone Else’s Bucket List by Amy T Matthews – #BookReview – #siblingfiction

Book Blurb:

A bingeworthy, bittersweet, sisterly P.S. I Love You for the digital age, Someone Else’s Bucket List follows shy Jodie Boyd after the untimely death of her outgoing, hugely successful Instagram influencer sister, Bree—and Bree’s last wish: that Jodie complete her bucket list.  Instructed by a series of videos left by Bree, Jodie takes on the terrifying challenge as the world watches. The venture will not only change Jodie’s life, but save the family—and possibly others—from staggering medical debt. Perfect for fans of Josie Silver and Rebecca Serle.

My dying wish is for you to finish my bucket list. I refuse to die without knowing this list will be completed. And I refuse to die without knowing my family will be okay . . .

Someone Else's Bucket List by Amy T MatthewsJodie Boyd is a shy and anxious twenty-something, completely unsure what to do with her life. Her older sister, Bree, is an adventurous, globe-trotting, hugely successful Instagram influencer with more than a million followers. She’s the most alive person Jodie knows—up until Bree’s unfathomable, untimely death from Leukemia. The Boyds are devastated, not to mention overwhelmed with medical debt. But Bree thought of everything—and soon, Jodie is shocked by a new post on her sister’s Instagram feed.

The first of many Bree recorded in secret, the post foretells a jaw-dropping challenge for Jodie: to complete Bree’s very public bucket list. From “Fly over Antarctica,” to “Perform a walk-on cameo in a Broadway musical,” if Jodie does it—and keeps all Bree’s followers—a corporate sponsor will pay off the staggering medical debt. If she gains followers, the Boyds won’t be the only ones to benefit. It’s crazy. It’s terrifying. It’s impossible, immoral even, to refuse. So, despite the whole world watching, Jodie plunges in, never imagining that in death, her sister will teach her how to live, and that the last item on the list—“Fall in love”—may just prove to be the easiest.

His Review:

Bree had her life all figured out. She had prepared a bucket list of 100 things she wanted to do before she died. Climb Mount Everest, run with the bulls, learn martial arts in Brazil; yes, it was all planned out. Then, she went into the hospital with a mild case of pneumonia! What did the doctor mean, she had leukemia?! She still had too much to do on her list!

Someone Else's Bucket List by Amy T MatthewsJodie is living a predictable life until her sister’s diagnosis. She and both of her parents are working two or three jobs each to pay off the medical bills. Ryan Air steps in and offers to not only pay off the bills but help Jodie complete her sister’s bucket list. Jodie agrees to complete the list and embarks on a planned promotional trip to help rid the family of the massive debt. Jodie is less than thrilled with her commitment.

CE WilliamsThe author skillfully works through the minefield that is the endeavor to complete Bree’s bucket list. Jodie ruefully approaches each task with cameras and cell phones recording her every move. The entire task becomes morbid at times and the people tasked with recording the saga are relentless. I applaud Ms. Matthews and her rendering of this experience. It is a unique contemporary tale, gripping and entertaining, easy to become engaged. 4.5 stars – CE Williams

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with the opportunity to read and review this book. Currently on pre-order.


Rosepoint Publishing: Four point Five Stars 4 1/2 stars


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Book Details:

Genre: Sibling Fiction, Women’s Friendship Fiction, Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Publisher: Kensington Books
Print Length:
Publication Date: May 23, 2023
Source: Publisher and NetGalley
Title Link: Someone Else’s Bucket List [Amazon]


Amy T Matthews - authorThe Author: Amy T. Matthews is a novelist and an academic. Her new book Someone Else’s Bucket List will be out May 2023 – it’s a tear-jerking, heartwarming story of sisterly love. Amy’s first novel, End of the Night Girl, won the Adelaide Festival Unpublished Manuscript Award and was long-listed for The Australian/Vogel literary award, and short-listed for the Nita B Kibble Dobbie Award and the Colin Roderick Award. She has published short stories in collections including Best Australian Stories and co-edited three collections of short stories and poetry. Amy is Senior Lecturer and Discipline Lead in Creative Writing at Flinders University, Deputy Director of Assemblage Centre for Creative Arts, and a former Chair and long serving board member of Writers SA; she is also an Associate Member of the JM Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice.

©CE Williams – V Williams

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The Gods of Sanibel by Brian Cook – #BookReview – #women’sliteraryfiction

Book Blurb:

The Gods of Sanibel by Brian Cook



When a woman enters the five stages of grief at the wrong end and traps herself in acceptance she must use any means, and everyone around her, to force herself backward through depression, bargaining and anger to reach denial in time to save her own life.

His Review:

Kak was running blindly toward the ocean water in front of her. Suicide was going to be the end of her depression and fruitless life. When making life-changing decisions her first impulse was to careen blindly into the great unknown. Keeping her eyes closed, she ran into a man standing near the beach. They both collapsed head over heels into the soft sand of the shore.

The Gods of Sanibel by Brian CookRyan is wrestling with a monumental company puzzle. They had promised their employees faithfully that the company would protect them with health and life insurance for the rest of their lives. A man that had worked for the company over 43 years had asked Ryan not to discontinue the health insurance for the retirees. The move would save over a billion dollars and destroy the budgets and lives of over 67,000 former employees. They would be deprived of $2,000 dollars plus of their retirement dollars.

Kak has been betrothed to a man she could not see herself living with for the rest of her life. Yes, he was rich, well-heeled, and able to provide for her in the style most women would give their eye teeth for. What would possibly be wrong with having a loving husband who would protect and cherish her the rest of her life?

CE WilliamsThe author has developed a story that left me with more questions than answers. How could an attractive educated woman be determined to end a fairy tale life in favor of suicide? The doctors gave her anti-depressants to combat her dreary outlook, but she saw them as a way to quietly give up life. Mixed into this tale are entreaties to Greek gods and the contradictions they represented in mythology. This adds a real color commentary to the view of a tragic life! 4.5 stars – CE Williams

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with the opportunity to read and review this book.

Rosepoint Publishing: Four point Five Stars 4 1/2 stars


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Book Details:

Genre: Women’s Literary Fiction, Contemporary Literary Fiction, Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Print Length: 349 pages
Publication Date: November 9, 2021
Source: Author request
Title Link: The Gods of Sanibel [Amazon]


Brian Cook - author
Brian Cook – author

The Author: The son of a government weapons tester and a pediatric nurse, Cook grew up thinking about the interweaving narrative of destruction and compassion that exists within us all. He lives with his two sons in Indiana. The Gods of Sanibel is his first novel.

©2022 CE Williams – V Williams V Williams

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