Closer by Sea by Perry Chafe – #BookReview – Thriller and Suspense

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Book Blurb:

From the writer and producer of the hit TV shows Republic of Doyle and Son of a Critch, a poignant coming-of-age debut novel about the mysterious disappearance of a young girl and the fragility of childhood bonds, set against the backdrop of a small island community adapting to an ever-changing landscape.

In 1991, on a small, isolated island off the coast of Newfoundland, twelve-year-old Pierce Jacobs struggles to come to terms with the death of his father. It’s been three years since his dad, a fisherman, disappeared in the cold, unforgiving Atlantic, his body never recovered. Pierce is determined to save enough money to fix his father’s old boat and take it out to sea. But life on the island is quiet and hard. The local fishing industry is on the brink of collapse, threatening to take an ages-old way of life with it. The community is hit even harder when a young teen named Anna Tessier goes missing.

With the help of his three friends, Pierce sets out to find Anna, with whom he shared an unusual but special bond. They soon cross paths with Solomon Vickers, a mysterious, hermetic fisherman who may have something to do with the missing girl. Their search brings them into contact with unrelenting bullies, magnificent sea creatures, fierce storms, and glacial giants. But most of all, it brings them closer to the brutal reality of both the natural and the modern world.

Part coming-of-age story, part literary mystery, and part suspense thriller, Closer by Sea is a page-turning, poignant, and powerful novel about family, friendship, and community set at a pivotal time in modern Newfoundland history. It is an homage to a people and a place, and above all it captures that delicate and tender moment when the wonder of childhood innocence gives way to the harsh awakening of adult experience.

His Review:

Growing up on an island has definite advantages and disadvantages. Knowing and relying upon all your neighbors is one advantage. Usually, the older boys and girls will make life difficult for the younger offspring. Pierce is one of those youngsters who is caught in the middle of the circle. The older kids beat up on him and his group mercilessly.

Islands near Newfoundland were great places to grow up in the latter half of the 20th century, but cod have been harvested to near extinction and Pierce’s father fails to come home after a day fishing. He and his mother are marooned with few options. To earn spending money, the children are cutting the tongues out of Cod fish and selling them. The older kids want the money for themselves and steal or bully the kids and take the fish and tongues.

Anna is a budding young artist who is renowned for her excellent sketches and other artwork. She winds up missing and the entire island starts a search for her. She cannot be found. Pierce, his mother, and the middle-aged group set out to search for her. An elderly, reclusive man on the island is suspected of foul play. His habits spark suspicion among the young friends.

C E WilliamsThis tale is well-written and endearing. There are no dull moments and the reader is rewarded with an engaging and rewarding tome. 4.5 stars – CE Williams

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with the opportunity to read and review this book.

Rosepoint Publishing: Four point Five Stars  Four point Five Stars


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Book Details:

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Literary Fiction, Coming of Age Fiction, Psychological Thrillers
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN-10: ‎ 1982185252
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1982185251
Print Length: 272 pages
Publication Date: May 23, 2023
Source: Publisher and NetGalley

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The Author: Perry Chafe [born in St John’s, Canada] is a Canadian television writer, showrunner, producer and author. He is a co-founder and partner in Take the Shot Productions. Perry was the co-creator, showrunner, and head writer for the TV series Republic of Doyle, which ran for six seasons on the CBC, and an executive producer and writer for the Netflix/Discovery series Frontier, starring Jason Momoa. In addition, he was an executive producer and writer for Caught, a CBC limited series based on Lisa Moore’s award-winning novel of the same name. Perry is currently a writer and Co-Executive producer on the hugely successful CBC series Son of a Critch. On May 23rd, 2023, Perry will be releasing his much-anticipated debut novel, Closer By Sea, through Simon and Schuster Canada. [Goodreads]

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Velma Gone Awry: A Brooklyn 8 Ballo Mystery by Matt Cost – #BookReview – #historicalmystery

Book Blurb:

Award-winning author Matt Cost brings us back to Brooklyn in the Roaring ’20s and introduces us to Hungarian private eye, 8 Ballo, who is hired to find the daughter of a wealthy businessman. The search will lead him to cross paths with Dorothy Parker, Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, Coleman Hawkins, Bugsy Siegel, Babe Ruth, and many more as he tries to uncover why Velma went awry.

Velma Gone Awry by Matt Cost8 Ballo’s mother was certain he was going to be born a girl, but when he comes out a boy, she writes down simply the number 8, as he has seven older siblings. She meant to change it to a real name at some point but never got around to it.

Now, in his mid-thirties, 8 is a college-educated man, a veteran of the Great War, jilted in love, and has his own private investigator business. He enjoys his friends, a good book, jazz music, and a very simple life. When he is hired to find the young flapper daughter of a German businessman, life suddenly becomes much more complicated.

His Review:

A young girl was raised by a step-father after her mother’s death at age 13.

Velma Gone Awry by Matt CostVelma seems to be far off the rails of society’s norms and heading for personal destruction. 8 Ballo is a private detective hired by her father to find her and bring her home. Her father, Mr. Hartmann, is paying well and wants to have his daughter home and under his thumb.

Finding Velma is not so easy. She has protectors in the underworld of the city and some of her father’s competitors would love to see him eliminated. There is an ongoing struggle in the city for the continued dominance of the drug and prostitution trade. Velma is caught in between.

Detective Bello runs into issues when he is finally is able to track her down. She is exceedingly beautiful and has many admirers who would fall on their swords for the young lady. Meanwhile, her father’s competitors would like to control her and ruin her father’s hold on the drug trade.

C E WilliamsFalling for the charms of Velma was not in 8’s plan, but she has him under her thumb and he is torn between his contract to her father and his affection for Velma. The story takes many twists and keeps the reader engaged. Enjoy! 4.5 stars –  CE Williams

This is Book 1 in a new series (we think). We’ve read his Clay Wolfe/Port Essex Mystery series as well as the Goff Langdon Mainely Mystery series. Each series has grown and the author’s writing style matured. We enjoyed each one. This one is off to a good start as well. Recommended!

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with the opportunity to read and review this book.

Rosepoint Publishing: Four point Five Stars Four point Five Stars


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Genre: Historical Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Fiction, Private Investigator Mysteries
Publisher: Encircle Publications
Print Length: 306 pages
Publication Date: April 12, 2023
Source: Auther and NetGalley

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Matt Cost - authorThe Author: Matt Cost was a history major at Trinity College. He owned a mystery bookstore, a video store, and a gym, before serving a ten-year sentence as a junior high school teacher. In 2014 he was released and began writing. And that’s what he does. He writes histories and mysteries.

Cost has published four books in the Mainely Mystery series, with the fifth, “Mainely Wicked”, due out in August of 2023. He has also published four books in the Clay Wolfe Trap series, with the fifth, “Pirate Trap”, due out in December of 2023.

For historical novels, Cost has published “At Every Hazard” and its sequel, “Love in a Time of Hate”, as well as “I am Cuba”. In April of 2023, Cost will combine his love of histories and mysteries into a historical PI mystery set in 1923 Brooklyn, “Velma Gone Awry”.

Cost now lives in Brunswick, Maine, with his wife, Harper. There are four grown children: Brittany, Pearson, Miranda, and Ryan. A chocolate Lab and a basset hound round out the mix. He now spends his days at the computer, writing.

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The Remarkable Wisdoms and Bizarre Tales of Tennison Hawk by Michael Reisig – #BookReview – #satirefiction

Book Blurb:

What you are about to read is not a novel, but more of a collection of insight – social, slightly political, humorous, and most of all, honest. It’s also inclined to make you open your eyes and nod your head with a sage grin, as genuine perception strikes you between the eyes. And by the way, it’s funny as hell in a number of places.
I mean choke on your own spit funny…
The Remarkable Wisdoms and Bizarre Tales of Tennison Hawk by Michael ReisigMy good friend, the late Mr. Tennison Hawk, possessed a bizarre sense of humor and a powerful social and political insight, all of which were extraordinarily refreshing. Those who have never gambled, never sought the reckless truth, or never laughed until snot ran out of their noses, probably won’t get him. But if you lean toward honesty at any price, and you tend to appreciate an occasional ribald, gutsy story, you’re definitely going to like this.
Basically this book will make you laugh your ass off while digging out nuggets of truth that you either didn’t know or refused to admit. It’s not politically correct in very many places, but it’s honest. Now, I’ve been told that this short but relatively enjoyable collection goes well with a couple of cold beers or a glass or two of wine. So… go get that bottle of wine, or that six-pack, settle into your favorite chair, and set off on an adventure of knowledge and humor. If you open your mind while you open your eyes you might just stumble into some of the hiding places of real honesty, and insight.
And after you’ve absorbed these bits of wisdom, many people will think you’re smarter than you actually are…

[NOTE: From the equally remarkable author, Michael Reisig, comes this emotive tribute to his buddy–always a hero to those around him and then the young girl being harassed in Chicago one recent night. He was on his way back from a meeting with his editor (which ran late) when he confronted the two thugs harassing her and in the course of the struggle became their victim. A sharp departure from Reisig’s successful The Road to Key West adventure series, this is the most controversial book by Reisig to date. I loaned my copy to the CE who offers his thoughts below mine.]

My Review:

It is sometimes difficult to separate the tenets of Tennison from the pearlescent pearls of Reisig as they blend beautifully in this compendium of social, political, and philosophical nuggets.

Rather than friends, these two might have been joined at the hip as they shoot satirical and powerful, often humorous, philosophical insights into the current state of just about everything including “Automated Assistance” (doncha just love it). There is brutal, naked honesty here. The crushing dread felt deep in your soul at the situation of our country is coupled with laid-back often obvious suggestions for easy solutions.

I loved the tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians shared that says, “When you discover that you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount.”

It’s a short and easy read punctuated with comic relief and spoonfuls of wisdom. As “Mark Twain said: Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of congress; but I repeat myself.” 5 stars – V Williams

His Review:

This compendium of the short tales of Tennison Hawk illuminates the frustration and disenfranchising of America! A majority of Americans are now being characterized as the root of all things evil in this country.

The Remarkable Wisdoms and Bizarre Tales of Tennison Hawk by Michael ReisigSome areas appear to have contradictions within their own neighborhoods, often preying on each other! It has always seemed endemic in every society to blame others for the misfortunes of some. Whether the social and educational opportunities exist or not—many are not considered offered at all.

Whether lack of desire or incentive, it appears that many times illicit activities offer a much quicker and more lucrative reward than hard work and diligence.

I appreciate that the work of Tennison Hawk made available through the efforts of Michael Reisig, expounded on the disparity in biting and often humorous terms. Hopefully, this book will help to illuminate in folk and satirical easy-to-swallow doses many of the problems that have a strangle hold on our society. 4.5 stars – CE Williams

We bought a copy of this book shortly after release that in no way influenced this review. These are our honest thoughts. Recommended.

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Book Details:

Genre: American Humorous Fiction, Satire Fiction, Short Stories Anthologies
Publisher: Clear Creek Press
Print Length: 159 pages
Publication Date: March 10, 2023
Source: Purchase

 Title Link:

The Remarkable Wisdoms and Bizarre Tales of Tennison Hawk [Amazon]


Michael Reisig-authorThe Author: Michael Reisig has been writing professionally for 20 years. He is a former Caribbean adventurer turned newspaper editor, award-winning columnist, and best-selling novelist.

After high school and college in Florida, he relocated to the Florida Keys. He established a commercial diving business, got his pilot’s license, and traveled extensively throughout the southern hemisphere, diving, treasure hunting, and adventuring.

Reisig claims he has been thrown out of more countries in the Caribbean Basin that most people ever visit, and he admits that a great many of the situations and the characters in his novels are authentic – but nothing makes a great read like experience…

He now lives in the mountains of Arkansas, where he hunts and fishes, and writes, but he still escapes to the Caribbean for an occasional adventure.

©2023 CE Williams – V Williams

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A Silent Understanding: The Kilteegan Bridge Story Book 5 by Jean Grainger – #BookReview – Historical Irish Fiction

#1 New Release in Historical Irish Fiction 

Book Blurb:

Kilteegan Bridge, Co Cork, Ireland. 1975

A Silent Understanding by Jean GraingerLena Kogan is thrilled when her son Emmet invites her to the opening of his first building in San Francisco. It’s awkward that she will be staying with Emmet’s father Malachy Berger, but he’s in a serious relationship now, and anyway, he knows how Lena feels about Eli, so surely they can just be friends.

Her sister Emily, is less adventurous. She’s happy to stay at home with her family and a thriving business, that is until her daughter Nellie drops another bombshell on her about what she plans to do next. A move nobody could have anticipated and few support.

Her brother Jack is living contentedly on his farm with Skipper, until a couple of late-night visitors cause them to risk everything they’ve guarded so carefully. Intervening to help could mean exposure in a state where men like them are on the wrong side of the law, but some things are just too important to ignore.

In this final book of The Kilteegan Bridge Story, the O’Sullivans come to a silent understanding of each other and of themselves.

My Review:

I’ve read each of the episodes in this series and must admit that Book 4 (When Irish Eyes are Lying) hit hard and unexpectedly. So it was with some trepidation that I began Book 5.

This installment in the Kilteegan Bridge series brings back the tragedy with Lena and Eli, the story of Nellie and her ill-fated visit to San Francisco and continued the sweet and tentative interest between Emmet and Wei. It also sees additional development with Rosa Abramson and her pursuit of WWII reparations for Jews. Following Malachy’s new knowledge of his father’s and grandparents’ involvement in the theft of property during that time, he volunteers a project that would benefit the people as well as involve his biological son, Emmet.

A Silent Understanding by Jean GraingerIn the meantime, new characters Katie and Maggie O’Neill are runaways from the local Catholic orphanage where their treatment is less than loving. But they cannot continue to hide with Jack and Skipper, two bachelors, and given their relationship must find other safe quarters for the young girls.

While the author’s books can get complex with multiple sub-plots, each is interwoven within the tight family and small rural, primarily Catholic-based community. Nellie has decided on a vocation unexpected that shocks her mother. Nellie’s new BFF, Sister Martina becomes a solid sympathetic character as well as one who provides a consistent story with that sense of humor we’ve come to expect of a Jean Grainger novel. (Wish I’d known about St Columbanus, the patron saint of motorcycles, back when I was riding my motorcycle, but have to admit St Michael kept his hand on me more than once.)

The atmospheric visions of rural Irish life that include an enormous family line that extends in all directions provide a gripping and emotional plot. It is a well-paced and complicated storyline that manages to confront a number of topical domestic issues.

At this point, having fully engaged in previous installments, there are issues most readers will want to see settled as they hope. The conclusion neatly gathers all remaining strings left hanging or unresolved and carefully addresses each issue and in the Epilogue quietly closes all disturbing threads. As with all families, particularly large extended ones, there are multiple and private issues, and within the family perhaps while quietly acknowledged—still remain private.

I received an ARC copy of this book from the author and publisher that in no way influenced this review. These are my honest thoughts. Currently on pre-order.

Rosepoint Rating: Four point Five Stars Four point Five Stars

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Book Details:

Genre: Historical Irish Fiction, Historical Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Fiction, Family Life Fiction
Publisher: Gold Harp Media
Publication Date: March 1, 2023
Source: Author ARC

Title Link: A Silent Understanding (Amazon)


Jean Grainger - authorThe Author: JEAN GRAINGER




Hello and thanks for taking time out to check out my page. If you’re wondering what you’re getting with my books then think of the late great Maeve Binchy but sometimes with a historical twist. I was born in Cork, Ireland in 1971 and I come from a large family of storytellers, so much so that we had to have ‘The Talking Spoon’, only the person holding the spoon could talk!

I have worked as a history lecturer at University, a teacher of English, History and Drama in secondary school, a playwright, and a tour guide of my beloved Ireland. I am married to the lovely Diarmuid and we have four children. We live in a 200 year old stone cottage in Mid-Cork with my family and the world’s smallest dogs, called Scrappy and Scoobi..

My experiences leading groups, mainly from the United States, led me to write my first novel, ‘The Tour’. My observances of the often funny, sometimes sad but always interesting events on tours fascinated me. People really did confide the most extraordinary things, the safety of strangers I suppose. It’s a fictional story set on a tour bus but many of the characters are based on people I met over the years.

[truncated—please see her full bio on her Amazon author page]

Many of the people who have reviewed my books have said that you get to know the characters and really become attached to them, that’s wonderful for me to hear because that’s how I feel about them too. I grew up on Maeve Binchy and Deirdre Purcell and I aspired to being like them. If you buy one of my books I’m very grateful and I really hope you enjoy it. If you do, or even if you don’t, please take the time to post a review. Writing is a source of constant contentment to me and I am so fortunate to have the time and the inclination to do it, but to read a review written by a reader really does make my day.

©2023 V Williams

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Who Killed Jerusalem? by George Albert Brown – #BookReview – #satire – Galbraith Literary Publishers Inc

A Rollicking Literary Murder Mystery Based On William Blake’s Characters & Ideas Updated To 1970s San Francisco

Book Blurb:

A seamless melding of (i) the intricate plotting of Umberto Eco in The Name of the Rose,

(ii) the side-splitting humor of John Kennedy Toole in A Confederacy of Dunces,

and (iii) the fabulous world of William Blake.

In 1977, Ickey Jerusalem, San Francisco’s golden-boy poet laureate (based on Blake), is found dead in a locked, first-class toilet on an arriving red-eye flight.

Ded Smith, a desperately unhappy, intelligent philistine with a highly developed philosophy to match, is called in to investigate the poet’s death. Thus begins a series of hilarious encounters with the members of Jerusalem’s coterie (updated amalgams of characters from Blake’s work).

Who Killed Jerusalem? by George Albert Brown Ded soon realizes that to find out what happened, he must not only collect his usual detective’s clues but also, despite his own poetically challenged outlook, get into the dead poet’s mind.

Fighting his way through blasphemous funerals, drug-induced dreams, poetry-charged love-making, offbeat philosophical discussions, and much, much more, he begins to piece together Jerusalem’s (Blake’s) seductive, all-encompassing metaphysics.

But by then, the attempts to kill Ded and the others have begun.

Before Ded’s death-dodging luck runs out, will he be able to solve the case, and perhaps, in the process, develop a new way of looking at the world that might allow him to replace his unhappiness with joy?

His Review:

Icky Jerusalem is found suffocated in the restroom of a 747! Could this have been a suicide? He seemed to be a little distraught with his decision to cease his life’s work of crafting metaphysical poetry, but would that have caused him to commit suicide?  And how could his hands become tied behind his back? Nobody on the transcontinental flight noticed anything unusual in first class!

Who Killed Jerusalem? by George Albert Brown Being a poet laureate is a daunting responsibility. How does one continue to write prose when the karmic juices are not flowing? Ah, but there are certainly distractions in life that can fill the creative voids. One is the lovely Beulah who had been a professional female wrestler prior to developing hysterical blindness. Icky was her doorway to life’s experience through his magnificent verses. She was more than willing to repay his protection and kindnesses with gifts of her own.

Ded Smith is an Insurance Adjuster whose primary goal is to ferret out insurance claims that are suspect or fraudulent. The $20 million dollar policy taken out just prior to the death of Icky was his next assignment. Icky had a reputed fortune of nearly $350 million, so why take out a $20 million dollar life insurance policy on himself payable to the lovely Beulah?  The home office wants to deny the claim!

Twists and turns abound in this frolic of the San Francisco lifestyle. So much to deduce within this novel that waxes metaphysical contemplation or argument amid the prose. I am glad the author brings it to a satisfactory conclusion but it could be considered overly long to do so. 3.5 stars – CE Williams

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with the opportunity to read and review this book.

Rosepoint Publishing: Three point Five Stars

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Book Details:

Genre: Satire, Satire Fiction, Historical Mysteries
Publisher: Galbraith Literary Publishers Inc
Print Length: 605 pages
Publication Date: February 6, 2023
Source: Publisher and NetGalley
Title Link(s): Who Killed Jerusalem?

Amazon   |   Barnes & Noble  |  Kobo


The Author: George Albert Brown, a graduate of Yale University and Stanford Law, started as a hippie in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury and retired at age 40 after having co-founded a successful international finance company. Following stints thereafter as a humorous author (The Airline Passenger’s Guerrilla Handbook) and an angel investor in over a score of high-tech university spinouts, he built a catamaran in Chile and for more than a decade, cruised it across the globe with his significant other. Today, as a father of three grown children, a grandfather of four not-yet-grown children, and an involuntary lover of stray cats, he continues his peripatetic lifestyle by other means.

Who Killed Jerusalem? is the book that George, a life-long devotee of William Blake, had always wanted to write.

©2023 CE Williams – V Williams

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The Drift by C J Tudor – #BookReview – #psychicsuspense

(Amazon) Editors Pick Best Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Book Blurb:

Hannah awakens to carnage, all mangled metal and shattered glass. Evacuated from a secluded boarding school during a snowstorm, her coach careered off the road, trapping her with a handful of survivors. They’ll need to work together to escape—with their sanity and secrets intact.

The Drift by C J TudorMeg awakens to a gentle rocking. She’s in a cable car stranded high above snowy mountains, with five strangers and no memory of how they got on board. They are heading to a place known only as “The Retreat,” but as the temperature drops and tensions mount, Meg realizes they may not all make it there alive.

Carter is gazing out the window of an isolated ski chalet that he and his companions call home. As their generator begins to waver in the storm, something hiding in the chalet’s depths threatens to escape, and their fragile bonds will be tested when the power finally fails—for good.

The imminent dangers faced by Hannah, Meg, and Carter are each one part of the puzzle. Lurking in their shadows is an even greater danger—one with the power to consume all of humanity.

His Review:

Could mankind be destroyed by a new disease? This novel explores an apocalyptical era where Earth’s inhabitants die from an extremely toxic and rapidly spreading disease. Those who do not die from the disease are changed into people with bad breathing problems. The dying easily pass on the disease.

The Drift by C J TudorThe government sets up compounds where those afflicted can be quarantined. Old ski lodges are used for this purpose.  A good portion of the story centers around survivors being stuck on a chair lift around 250 yards from the ski lodge. Those stuck in the gondola are trying to make it to the lodge but the cables have problems. They are stuck in the air one thousand feet above the ski slope.

The characters are well-developed and the novel points out the selfishness and avarice that people exhibit trying to save themselves. Killing is random and the more selfish of the group tend to become survivors.

I’ve read several books by this author including A Sliver of Darkness and was not quite prepared for the heavy side of horror and apocalypse. It was well-written and paced but was just a little too much blood and guts for me.  4 stars – CE Williams

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with the opportunity to read and review this book.

Rosepoint Publishing: Four Stars

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Book Details:

Genre: Psychic Suspense, Horror Suspense, Psychological Thrillers
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ASIN: B09Z91SS77
Print Length: 337 pages
Publication Date: January 31, 2023
Source: Publisher and NetGalley

Title Link(s):

Amazon   |   Barnes & Noble  |  Kobo

C J Tudor - authorThe Author: C. J. Tudor lives with her partner and young daughter. Her love of writing, especially the dark and macabre, started young. When her peers were reading Judy Blume, she was devouring Stephen King and James Herbert.

Over the years she has had a variety of jobs, including trainee reporter, radio scriptwriter, dog walker, voiceover artist, television presenter, copywriter and, now, author.

Her first novel, The Chalk Man, was a Sunday Times bestseller and sold in thirty-nine territories.

©2023 CE Williams – V Williams

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The Pact (The Blood Sisters Book 1) by Roberta Kagan – #BookReview – #HistoricalGermanFiction

Book Blurb:


The Pact by Roberta KaganWhen three little girls—Anna, Bernie, and Elica—make a pact to be blood sisters for life, they believe nothing can come between them.

Anna is from an affluent Jewish family, while Bernie and Elica are from poor Austrian families who barely make ends meet. As they get older, their social differences become all too real.

With infectious Jew-hate-laden rhetoric from Nazi Germany spreading into Austria, it is only a matter of time before their bond of friendship gets severely tested.

How strong is a bond sealed in blood?

His Review:

Three young girls create a friendship bond in Germany in the early 1930’s. They had attended grammar school together and two of the three were poor. Anna was a Jewish girl raised by a family whose father owned a small factory. They treated their workers well but were never really integrated into common Jewish society.

The Pact by Roberta KaganA fourth girl tried to join Anna, Elisa, and Bernie. Dagna felt like an outsider in the group and was jealous of Anna and her family’s wealth. She often felt left out of most discussions and assured herself she would make Anna pay in the future. She leaned strongly towards the Young Nationalist Party headed by the new Chancellor, Adolf Hitler.

Although Anna’s father adhered to all government edicts and paid taxes and supported the government, he was not accepted by the new government. There were always surprise inspections and other government intrusions into his business. Ultimately his factory is taken over and he and his family’s properties are commandeered and the family is put out into the street penniless.  Anna and her parents are sent to a special “reeducation camp”.

CE WilliamsJealousy from a young girl leads to family imprisonment and ultimately to one of the “Ultimate Solution Gas Chambers”. Sadly many of the issues faced by Anne Frank are paralleled by Anna and her family. 4.5 stars – CE Williams

This is a good start to a new series and will hold interest for most historical fiction readers. Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with the opportunity to read and review this book.

Rosepoint Publishing: Four point Five Stars

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Book Details:

Genre: Historical German Fiction, Jewish Historical Fiction
Publisher: Roberta Kagan Publishing
Print Length: 363 pages
Publication Date: January 16, 2023
Source: Publisher and NetGalley
Title Link: The Pact [Amazon]

Roberta Kagan - authorThe Author: I am an USA Today Best Selling Author of Historical Jewish Fiction mainly set during World War 2. My father was Romany and my mother was Jewish, When I was very young I learned about the Holocaust. I couldn’t understand how something like this could happen. So, I began to research and learn more. I met with survivors. I even met with children and grandchildren of SS officers. But I still had no answers. I cannot say that I have all of the answers to all of my questions even now. But what I do know is that soon all of the survivors will be gone. Their message must be remembered, the sacrifices that they made must not be forgotten. And so I humbly and with the utmost humility I try to tell their stories. It is painful, but I must convey the darkness and horror of the time, However, I also want the world to know and celebrate the unsung heroes. Because there were many ordinary people who acted in heroic ways. I realize that writing these books is a great responsibility. I pray every day that I am able to do this correctly. I am trying to reach out and touch many people, not with the message of the horrors but with the promise of hope. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering my work. It is an honor that I never take lightly.

I send you many blessings, Roberta.

©2023 CE Williams – V Williams

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Islamic Dua and Wazifa For Love back and Solve All problems

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It is hard to fail, but worse to have never tried - Abraham Lincoln



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You are an important nexus of energy


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Happiness for a moment with you....

I'm glad I learned to express my thoughts clearly and everyone loves to read them. Sometimes it takes a lot of thinking power to think about the surroundings. Someone who likes it, someone who enjoys it, appreciates that he is writing very well. Reading and commenting on the post I wrote would give me a lot of bullshit and I would get new ideas to write new ones. I'm really glad I got your response.

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When the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers. - Oscar Wilde

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