The Quadrant Conspiracy by James H Lewis – #BookReview – #assassinationthrillers

“The Plot to Kill FDR.”

Book Blurb:

The Quadrant Conspiracy by James H LewisAs Anglo-American leaders gather to plan the defeat of Nazi Germany, Hitler orders the death of President Franklin Roosevelt to derail the conference. Brandon Armitage, a Canadian veteran of the Great War, has joined Canada’s Volunteer Guard to oversee German prisoners; it’s a role he’s undertaken to seek revenge for the death of his son during a raid on the French Coast. When one of his prisoners escapes. Armitage pursues him to a remote island above Lake Huron, where FDR is on a pre-conference fishing trip. Suspecting the German is trying to assassinate the American leader, Armitage alerts security officials. When they refuse his help, insisting their security is tight, Armitage must act alone, even as he seeks to rescue his failing marriage.

The Quadrant Conspiracy is based on an actual historical incident and is set against the backdrop of the Allied march to defeat the Third Reich. While there are elements of a thriller, the story also centers on the effect of two worldwide conflicts on a marriage.

His Review:

The tide of the second world war is beginning to turn and the allies are not totally in sync regarding the prosecution of the war. Winston Churchill and the British preferred the battles be fought in North Africa and up the Italian peninsula rather than from British soil into France. Stalin is refusing to attend the meetings because of the problems faced on the Eastern Front with the German army. Stalingrad is holding out but the fighting has been vicious and he needed to save his people.

The Quadrant Conspiracy by James H LewisA German pilot is shot down and being held in a Canadian prison. His name is Jorg Schumaker and he desperately wants to get back into a plane and fly for the fatherland. Young, blond, and fair he can masquerade as a local college boy and get away with it. A young girl, smitten by his boyish good looks; decides to assist him in escaping.

Meanwhile, the high command in Germany decides that their best bet to turn the tide of the war is to kill Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR is scheduled to take a fishing holiday in Canada and the plot is actuated to complete the mission.  Secret communications are relayed to the P.O.W. camp and Jorg Schumaker is tasked with the assassination assignment.

Brandon Armitage is a WW1 veteran who joins the Veterans Guard to assist in helping guard and control the German prisoners in Canada. When Jorg Schumaker escapes again from prison, Brandon is assigned to find Jorg.

Prisoners have been paid a stipend for working in the fields and orchards and have accumulated enough money to attempt another escape. Brandon’s wife is not happy with her husband rejoining the military and leaving her to grieve alone after the loss of one son and the belief the other is dead.

Roosevelt needs a break from the constant pressure of the war on two fronts and the constant meddling by Winston Churchill. After the failed attempt to land troops at Diepp along the French coast, Churchill wishes to have the war proceed through Italy as a land-based affair rather than an attack across the English Channel. Meanwhile, Roosevelt has gone fishing!

CE WilliamsThe writer has written a very engaging novel of war and the intrigue of three very large world powers not totally in agreement as to how to proceed. You will find this a very informative and engaging read. 4.5 stars – CE Williams

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with the opportunity to read and review this book.

Rosepoint Publishing: Four point Five Stars 4 1/2 stars

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Book Details:

Genre: Assassination Thrillers, Conspiracy Thrillers, World War II Historical Fiction
Publisher: James H Lewis
ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8986379739
ASIN: B0BFV291B5           
Print Length: 371 pages
Publication Date: September 23, 2022
Source: Publisher and NetGalley
Title Link: The Quadrant Conspiracy [Amazon]
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James H Lewis - authorThe Author: James H (Jim) Lewis is the author of six novels. His latest, “The Quadrant Conspiracy,” imagines an attempt on the life of President Franklin Roosevelt while on a fishing trip prior to an Angle-American conference that will determine the course of the Second World War.

“Novak’s Quest,” is the second in his Chief Novak police procedural series, while a family drama, “Belonging,” is being distributed on Kindle Vella.

James is a member of Mystery Writers of America and PennWriters. A former reporter, public media executive, and consultant to non-profit organizations, he has lived and worked in Washington, DC, Florida, Texas, New England, Oregon, and Sweden.

As a journalist, he helped launch and co-hosted FEEDBACK, an innovative public affairs program produced at WJCT, Jacksonville, and funded by the Ford Foundation. He spent a year in Stockholm under a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, working in the Central News Department of Sveriges Radio, Sweden’s national public broadcasting service, for which he produced English-language news reports for distribution through Eurovision.

During his long career in public media, he served stations throughout the country as Executive Producer, Director of Development, Station Manager, and General Manager and as President of the OPB Foundation in Portland, Oregon. In 1996 he co-founded Lewis Kennedy Associates, a consulting firm to non-profit organizations, known today as LKA Fundraising and Communications. He continues to work for LKA as a copywriter.

He was honored by PBS as Fundraising Professional of the Year in 1994 and by Greater Public with its President’s Award on his retirement in 2011. He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts.

He and his wife live in Pittsburgh where they dote on their two grandchildren. His articles on travel, fundraising, and non-profit management have been published in national newspapers and magazines.

©2022 CE Williams – V Williams V Williams

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The Ways We Hide by Kristina McMorris – #BookReview – #historicalfiction – @SourcebooksLandmark

Rosepoint Publishing: Five Stars 5 stars

Book Blurb:

From the New York Times bestselling author of Sold On A Monday—over a million copies sold!—comes a sweeping World War II tale of an illusionist whose recruitment by British intelligence sets her on a perilous, heartrending path.

The Ways We Hide by Kristina McMorrisAs a little girl raised amid the hardships of Michigan’s Copper Country, Fenna Vos learned to focus on her own survival. That ability sustains her even now as the Second World War rages in faraway countries. Though she performs onstage as the assistant to an unruly escape artist, behind the curtain she’s the mastermind of their act. Ultimately, controlling her surroundings and eluding traps of every kind helps her keep a lingering trauma at bay.

Yet for all her planning, Fenna doesn’t foresee being called upon by British military intelligence. Tasked with designing escape aids to thwart the Germans, MI9 seeks those with specialized skills for a war nearing its breaking point. Fenna reluctantly joins the unconventional team as an inventor. But when a test of her loyalty draws her deep into the fray, she discovers no mission is more treacherous than escaping one’s past. 

Inspired by stunning true accounts, The Ways We Hide is a gripping story of love and loss, the wars we fight—on the battlefields and within ourselves—and the courage found in unexpected places.

His Review:

Fenna Vos bore a striking resemblance to Hedy Lamarr. Both women were in entertainment. Fenna is an associate of a stage magician. She works to develop escape acts and other performance mysteries. Misdirection is the standard fare for these well-trained escape artists, people able to get out of impossible situations. Fenna is one of the best.

The Ways We Hide by Kristina McMorrisWorld War II finds Fenna working in a clandestine group called MI9. Their objective is to provide ways to help allied prisoners escape Nazi prisoner of war camps. Small hacksaw blades and cutting chains are inserted into such everyday games as Monopoly. The trick is to make the games transparent. The enemy allows such games to come into prison camps to help the detainees pass the time.

Fenna has a second asset to offer. In addition to her escape artist’s abilities; she can speak Dutch, as this was her mother’s native tongue.  She is working on a number of top-secret projects to enable prisoners of war to escape captivity. One very vital tool is the maps to help downed airmen find their way back to friendly territory.

She is inserted into Nazi-controlled Holland to assist the underground. She meets an old flame and finds the family of a very good friend. The friend has a child and the underground works to find a way to get mother and daughter back to allied territory. Regretfully the mother is killed in a Gestapo raid and her child is adopted by a childless German family. This situation is untenable to Fenna and the group in Holland. They work to help extract the young girl and spirit her to England.

This book is based upon some facts recently made public after World War II. Ms. McMorris has pulled together information regarding the female operatives during World War II in a most engaging novel. The success of this lady in a male-dominated world is nothing less than spectacular. The resultant book is a great tribute to the millions of women who worked unheralded and unrecognized during the second world war. 5 stars – CE Williams

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with the opportunity to read and review this book.


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Book Details:

Genre: British & Irish Literary Fiction, Historical World War II Fiction, World War II Historical Fiction
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
Print Length: 573 pages
Publication Date: September 6, 2022
Source: Publisher and NetGalley
Title Link: The Ways We Hide [Amazon]
Barnes & Noble


Kristina McMorris - authorThe Author: KRISTINA MCMORRIS is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of two novellas and six historical novels, including the million-copy bestseller SOLD ON A MONDAY. The recipient of more than twenty national literary awards, she previously hosted weekly TV shows for Warner Bros. and an ABC affiliate, beginning at age nine with an Emmy Award-winning program, and owned a wedding-and-event-planning company until she had far surpassed her limit of “Y.M.C.A.” and chicken dances. Kristina lives near Portland, Oregon, where she somehow manages to be fully deficient of a green thumb and not own a single umbrella. For more, visit

©2022 CE Williams – V Williams V Williams

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